“Wow, you were right on the money! The Univ. of Illinois offered me a job and I start on Jan. 17!!!! This coincides with everything you mentioned. Thank you again for such an insightful and accurate reading. I will certainly keep in touch.”
N.S., Fairfield, Iowa


"I thought I would let you know that with God's grace I passed my final MBBS exams as you predicted back in February when I had my last reading with you and am now a qualified doctor. Thank you for giving me such an accurate reading and prediction. So far the predictions that you have made about my life have been spot on and have all come true. Its amazing how Jyotish can be used to accurately predict life events.You are really good at what you do."
D.V. London, England

 "Thanks so much again for your reading. It was really amazing and helpful. I've had readings from other astrologers and psychics and yours was the most accurate and insightful of them all. No one has been able to describe my chart with such depth and clarity. What a gift and blessing!"

G.W., Kula, Hawaii

"Thank you Cocoa. You have an amazing gift. I'm so glad I contacted you - I am now more certain of what I need to do."

A.C., San Francisco, California

“The reading, almost 12 months later is very accurate. I would like to arrange another reading with you very soon.”

B.D., Melbourne, Australia

"Thanks for the excellent reading. I’m thrilled. You described my personality traits and the challenges I’m facing to a “T.” I’m just amazed that you could see all that in my chart! You’re obviously very skilled at what you do. You’ll be hearing from me again and quite likely several of my friends too!"

J.G., San Francisco, California


After submitting a payment email me with the name of the service you are requesting in the subject line, for example 'DREAM INTERPRETATION'. I will respond by sending you a contract to ensure you understand the terms and conditions of our relationship. Once that is signed I will respond accordingly to honor your request. Rewards Club members please include your promo code in the email. 


All Dream Analysis Reports are delivered via email in video format. Once I have a detailed description of your dream it can take me up to 5 days to respond with a full dream interpretation mp4 report. However, these request are often fulfilled in less than 24 hours. If there are aspects of your description I do not understand or need more clarity on I will reach out via phone / email to get a full picture before completing the interpretation. 


Automated Astrology Reports are sent via PDF format, if the file is too large you may need to retrieve it from google docs. I have never had a problem with this, but if for some reason google docs is not available to you we will figure it out. Worst case scenario, I will simply refund your donation. 


All Tarot, Ritual Working, and Personal Consultations are appointment based. We will coordinate schedules and plan a Telephone or Google Hangout meeting. The meeting should last about an hour. However, it may go over. I am usually available a week or so after a payment is cleared. For two reasons; first, I have to review all your information to consider how to properly address your inquiry and second, I may need you to complete a questionnaire and return it to me prior to meeting. If you miss our appointment, we will reschedule one time. If you miss the second appointment I will not refund your payment. 


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