Why Words Matter

How would you describe energy? What you plug into the wall? In actuality, love, peace, healing and compassion is energy and it comes from the consciousness of us human beings. This is not odd or weird it is reality -practical and true. This is also related to the soul and peace of mind.

Life force is what creates the soul and the human soul is an identity. The piece of creator that’s in you is a soul. But if your soul is a part of the whole then there must be other life force’s that have souls. As humans, we have DNA with 23 chromosomes that are multi-dimensional and effects the spin of electrons in a quantum field. This makes the human soul unique. The various fractals represented and the sacred geometry created by the DNA represent the many versions of you over all of time and space. Thus DNA holds karma and Akashic record. Physicist say there are many universes and many dimensions (multi-dimensional).

Thus the soul itself is multi-dimensional and there is no linearity in it. It is in many parts. Part of it are on the other side of the matrix veil, we call it the higher-self and it assisting you here in 3D. Science shows that when the heart stops beating, your body weight decreases. They also agree that when you die a piece of you goes back to a piece of the universe because consciousness is an energy and it cannot be destroyed. But scientist don’t know where the energy of the soul goes. I’ll tell you, it goes home! Back to the family of oneness, a oneness that is not actually any one place because it’s multidimensional (everywhere all at once). So what about other souls and soul groups?

Animals have souls and life force but there is not one soul per animal. Nor is there a hierarchy of animal phylum dealing with soul evolution. Animals and trees have a group soul. Everything that creates life and is alive on the planet that falls under the category of nature has a group soul. They generally fall under the soul of Earth or Gia. They all feel, act, and do according to Gia’s demands. However, their soul can gain individuality by interfacing with our human soul. In this instance they reincarnate, otherwise they do not. Yes, your pet gets to return because you shared compassion and love with them, plants respond to you when you interface with them as well. Our energy sparks life. Everyone with a pet knows that when animals are intertwined with you they fear when you fear. When you’re sick animals either try to heal you or get sick themselves. They don’t have intellect, they just see you hurting due to souls interface.

What does this have to do with words? How can this information lead to peace and calm anxiety?

It’s difficult to not feel anxiety and worry about things that are happening within our lives, society, or with those around us. Sure there are breaks in the worry or anxiety when we’re laughing with friends, or some other thing takes our mind off of stressful things for a moment. But only for a moment. Old psychology tells us to seek help outwardly from a pasture or therapist. This article is advocating for affirmations and mantra’s. Note: affirmations/mantras are not verbose conversations with yourself or lifelessly repeating guided phrases. You have to give your soul the credibility of intelligence (Would you mindlessly repeat phrases to a friend?). The location of the soul is the key to why this works so beautifully.

It’s simple if you choose to change what you have to say about the Earth you will experience peace eventually. The Earth and all of nature will respond. It only takes a reverse of bad habits mostly due to environment and the things our parents taught us. When you speak out loud you are speaking to your soul because it’s everywhere, over all time and space, all at once.

  • Say, “I don’t like what I just saw on the news, but, I know there’s more to it, a bigger better picture.”

  • Don’t say, “I knew that bad thing would happen, I just knew it.”

  • Say, “It’s looking not so good, but I’m sure it will turn around.”

  • When you receive a gift say, “Thank you so much for thinking of me.” Not, “Oh, you shouldn’t have.”

Watch things turn around, watch answers show up for you when you need them, and enjoy the peace that comes when you share your compassionate energy with nature and give animals a deeper reason to be.