Why I prefer Vedic Astrology?

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

First things first, here is nothing wrong with Tropical astrology and many people are able to make successful predictions and forecasts using it’s methods. I am simply writing about why I prefer to use the Vedic system in personal readings.

I became interested in Vedic astrology after following Astrolada and KRS channels on YouTube, something about the sophistication and accuracy of their posts drew me in deeper. I already considered myself well informed on the topic of astrology, but Vedic concepts to it up a notch. I was hooked for sure, once I received a professional reading, where I was told I’m destined to practice secret sciences. At the time that made no sense to me. My life in that moment was not conducive to such ideas and although I would spend hours researching and testing new information to the world around me, I would never consider it as profession. I was working in a non-profit and cleaning homes for wealthy people. Can we say survival mode! Fast-forward ten years later, and here we are. Let’s toast the Vedic prediction power.

Now seems like a good time to reiterate that there is nothing wrong with Tropical astrology and many people are able to make successful predictions and forecasts using it’s methods. I am simply writing about why I prefer to use Vedic astrology in personal readings. This is why Vedic just works, for me, why getting in tune with the planetary movements in this way supercharge my intuition. So here goes,

First, Vedic methods are based in Sanskrit, thus they are the original methods of our ancestors. Let me say it again, Vedic astrology adopts the methods developed by people who had no access to television, computers, or even cars. I find that phenomenal, that undistracted people with nothing but time to observe and record the pictures in the sky and correlate that to the nature of, places, and things around them for thousands if not millions of years. With such accuracy that they were able to discover precise sounds for chanting, colors to wear and make mantras, and times to gain access the planetary energy needed to carryout daily life. Much of this has been filtered through and sustained by other disciplines like I-Ching, Dogan, or Egyptian practices –all of whom track the planetary alignments in Vedic terms.

Just consider, how many cultures around the world, America being the most notable from my perspective, have no idea what their native traditions are. Islamic, Christian, and Judaic traditions served to wipe away the identity of peoples and implant a new norm. Enter, Tropical Zodiac -here there is no consideration for the tilt of the earth, and the sun signs are based on the seasons, hence the term ‘Tropical’. Further-more the months are corrupted by King Augustus and Julius Cesar, which in turn creates the need for leap years. Bottom-line, there is too much room for confusion and mathematical error and I intuitively feel that the illumination from the planets create the circumstances not the seasons.

So, what are the major differentiating factors? If you are born between the 14thor the 25thof the month your Sun sign will be the same in both systems, anything outside of that will move your Sun sign back one in Sidereal astrology. For instance, Tropical zodiac characterizes me as a Capricorn and Vedic zodiac characterizes me as Sagittarius. This is because Vedic Astrology tracks planets according to where they actually are, which requires taking into account the tilt of the Earth –a 23 degree difference in calculations between the two systems. But that’s not all. Sidereal provides more detail. Not only are there twelve zodiac signs, the north and south nodes and consideration of degrees. Unlike in Tropical astrology, there is also consideration of the condition of ruling planets, and the 27 lunar mansions that form the backdrop for the zodiac signs. Just like the planets contribute energy and frequency so do these lunar mansions. Both systems track transits, however, Sidereal astrology also tracks the mahadasha’s that govern segments of time over the course of your life, essentially these are larger transits based on a hundred-twenty year cycle. Again, adding precision and detail in uncovering your life map.

Additionally, In Sidereal astrology there are several charts beyond the natal. Sixteen other charts to be exact, and they allow you to see the nature of each of the twelve houses comprising a natal chart. I feel this allows for more accuracy and precision into understanding your cosmic self, what’s happening now, and what’s to come.

Most people know that, Tropical or Western astrology places a heavy emphasis on the Sun. We also know from experience that two people can have completely different lives and have the same Sun sign. Sure inherit traits exist here because the Sun sits in a constellation for thirty days -but in Sidereal or Vedic astrology were larger emphasis is given to the ascendant can make sense of these differences, given that the ascendant transits every 2 hours there is a narrower window into one’s uniquely set life map.