What makes Tarot so accurate?

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Here are my thoughts on why Tarot is such an exceptionally accurate divination tool, second only -in my opinion to a professional astrology reading. Note, my opinion is based on an amalgamation of some fairly recent scientific studies put forth by a number of respected cognitive science thinkers. If you want to see where I’m coming from Google mind mapping, parallelism, and the phenomenology of tarot.

First, let’s unravel how the mind and body processes events and circumstances because this will open your eyes, as to how and why the reader and the querent are able to connect through the cards.

Our minds have the capacity to utilize the same internal storehouse in various ways simultaneously and whenever that internal storehouse is utilized in connection to external circumstances a bridge is created -joining the external and internal world. That bridge is a link or point (the term depending on who’s writing), in this article I’ll refer to it as a LinkSpot. Now, the way the an individual’s internal storehouse is structured is referred to as a mind map, and folks who share similar experiences share LinkSpots and Mind Maps. I hope you just had an aha moment like I did when I first heard this. Because these Mind Maps and LinkSpots are not only the crux of human interaction, but the force that drives tarot readings.

Consider the archetypes represented in the tarot. Generally, archetypes (the pictures on the tarot cards)serve as the ideal image of an external person, place, or thing that translates to internal meanings, and concepts, within us. Thus, tarot cards (specifically the traditional decks) represent the LinkSpots that reconcile our internal and external worlds.

So what does this mean?

It means a tarot reader, uses a variety of spreads to unveil cards that stimulate them as a process of determining the querents mental, physical, and emotional circumstances. The more LinkSpots and mind maps the reader has to draw from, the easier it will be to connect with and deliver accurate reading to diverse people. My motto, meet people where they are, is applicable here because it highlights the importance of secular, civil, and developmental factors as related to the accuracy of a tarot reading. Additionally, this phenom explains why each culture favors a specific divination’s tool. For example: oracle bones in China, Palms in India, coins in Ghana, and Rider Waite in the West. However, mental mapping is far more complex than a few coins, bones, or cards. We can rectify this shortcoming by adding a layer of sensory experience by dimming lights, using fragrant oils, positioning seating, and speaking in a particular tone of voice.

Bottom line, science has proven that I am not a physic. Something, I already intuitively knew. Sure, I have amazed people with the level of insight I can draw from the tarot -but that is due to my well-traveled and colorful life full of ups, downs, and interaction with people from all walks of life. My mind is no different from yours. We process all kinds of information in innumerable ways. We are beautifully complicated, and have no real reason to look outside ourselves.


For insight on how free will relates to prediction read Free Will: The nature of outer-space.