What is Sacred Geometry?

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

See the story of creation through the lens of Sacred Geometry. There was a blank canvas of space, and then there was everything before us. Learn the basic spiritual meanings of the glyphs we call numbers. Plus, bonus information about Major Arcana Tarot Meanings.

Sacred Geometry is a spiritual way of percieving the visual shapes and forms surrounding us everyday. Sacred Geometry assumes that there is a creator and the nature of the creator can be found within the geometrical proportions that comprise all that exist. Thus, Sacred Geometry is concerned with nature and the shapes, forms, and mathmatical principles therin. However, this relationship of nature and geometry extends through the works of men to include: art and architecture, writing and dance, interior decorating and virtualy anything that must be designed.

Sacred Geometry holds that the essence of all that exist is found in the hidden law of shapes. The numbers we are familiar with (1-9) are a short-hand for the shapes they represent. To understand shapes in correlation to the glyphs or ‘numbers’ given to them and the energy they carry is to understand sacred geometry.

Here is 1 through 9 in visual form with its energetic explanation and a bonus major arcana meaning found in tarot card symbology:

0 - Zero is the number of nothingness, and everything. It is the number of potential, the gateway to immortality. Its form symbolizes the womb from which everything in creation is born. Zero is the number of darkness, the backdrop of outer space and innerspace. We close our eyes to experience Zero, giving birth to our wildest dreams. Without Zero there is nothing. Yet, Zero is nothing. Think of Zero as a blank piece of paper or the seat of creation. A mind.

The Fool in Tarot: Present, yet only aware of the self. A personal desire to transform and discover the self, anew.

1 - One represents the beginning and the end —the beginning of somethingness, the end of nothingness. One is the singularity, the first thought to separate from mind and begin all of creation, a single dot on a blank piece of paper.  One is like the umbilical cord, the single source connecting us to the creator. It represents destiny and the spirit guides. The masculine principle. The Sun. The leader. The father. The key figure. We are what we think. The illustration is one from two different perspectives.

The Magician in Tarot: The manifestor and channel for gifts from the universe. The magician controls everything, but is still very unaware of the self.

2 - Two is dependent on one because two is actually two ones. Having the nature of two ones, two is extremely jealous and loyal, diplomatic and persuasive. Two is an infinite line, representing the first foundation. Two is strong. If the sun is one, the moon is two. The feminine principle. The mother. The holy ghost. Two holds the secrets and intuitively knows, Two feels. In the illustration we see two from two different perspectives.

The High Priestess in Tarot: The magician’s wife. A mysterious, still and passive woman who finds answers within herself. Everyone consults her, she knows all the secrets.

3 - Three is the child of one and two, exciting and vibrant but not willing to stand alone. In constant communication with others, three is the seed, representing the physical (3-dimensional) plane, Earth. The first dot on the blank piece of paper able to look over at the line, connected to the foundation yet separate from it. Three is able to perceive one and two and Three is the son: charismatic, optimistic and extremely creative. In the illustration three is seen from three different vantage points.

The Empress in Tarot: The outward expression of femininity who experiences earth and all its gifts. Sensual, popular and skilled in the creative arts.

4 - Four is the foundation, the first plane to rest upon. Four is a balanced 360º square capable of giving depth to a black sheet of paper. We find four seasons, four cardinal directions, four elements, and more. Four is limited, bound by its own structure and possessing an instinct to protect and defend.

The Emperor in Tarot: The stable father figure who is stern, who creates the structures we all take for granted.  

5 - Five is like the base of a seesaw, constantly adjusting to bring balance. It is a highly changing number, yet unwavering in its resolve. Five is the mechanism of control, yet uncontrollable . We have five, senses, fingers and toes to help balance our internal and external world. In the illustration the center of the flower is five from a different perspective it's position looking at four the intention of it's observation creates balance.

The Hierophant in Tarot: A teacher of tradition, or a creator of tradition. The governing body, well recognized as an institution, not an individual. He holds a position of high authority, He makes the rules but is not obligated to follow them.

6 - Six is two threes coming together. Six is the energy of service. It is the 3rd dimension leaning on the 3rd dimension and vice versa. Six is man-made of water and mineral, relying on earth made of water and minerals and vice versa. Six is harmony and balance. The illustration show six from two different vantage points. The intertwining triangle makes it easy to see why six and sex are the sound the same.

The Lovers in Tarot: Two excited and vibrant energies bringing reciprocal zeal to a union, offering passion that only soulmates can offer.

7 - Seven looks back at six (the two threes interacting), determined to find something more. Seven is an angle, looking for all the other angles in life. Seven is man plus the universe. Seven is the number of rest and completion because the following two numbers 8 and 9 represent the process back to source that begins everything again. The illustration shows seven from two vantage points.

The Chariot in Tarot: The driver of the chariot is pushed twards his destiny by wild animals as he rests in the comfortable seat. Frustrated with the bumpy ride, eventually, he learns that he can use will power to control the way to destiny.

8 - Eight is a creator and a destroyer, a karmic number with no end that will soon come back around to settle the score. Eight is strong and enduring. It is two fours and four two's. Eight is like the pain of childbirth, powerful, gentle and necessary for new life. Eight gives us the stength to walk through the gates of 9.

Strength in Tarot: The beauty and the beast working to balance existence. Treating others as they deserve to be treated. The beauty uses gently force to tame her inner fears –the beast.

9 - If zero is the gate and one is the key, then nine is the key opening the gate. Nine is the number of spiritual, intellectual and physical wisdom combined—the number of going within, masculine entering feminine in the act of creation. Nine is the closest man can get to the source without fully going back to source. Nine is two and seven, thoughts and feelings about man in the universe; or the child of six in constant communication with harmony.

The Hermit inTarot: A self-reflective man who is full of ideas. He enters the darkness of his own mind to shine a light on what’s buried within.

If we expand these numbers through mathmatical equations, we learn a whole new way of seeing the world. For example, when we multipy 9 by any number we get 9 all over again, for example: 9 x 2=18 and (1+8=9)/ 9x3=27 (2+7=9). Why? Because 9 is a door, line up a bunch of doors and you’ll keep walking through doors. We will chat about equations in another post. Until then, best of luck to you!


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