What is Sacred Geometry?

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

See the story of creation through the lens of Sacred Geometry. There was a blank canvas of space, and then there was everything before us. Learn the basic spiritual meanings of the glyphs we call numbers. Plus, bonus information about Major Arcana Tarot Meanings.

Sacred Geometry is a spiritual way of percieving the visual shapes and forms surrounding us everyday. Sacred Geometry assumes that there is a creator and the nature of the creator can be found within the geometrical proportions that comprise all that exist. Thus, Sacred Geometry is concerned with nature and the shapes, forms, and mathmatical principles therin. However, this relationship of nature and geometry extends through the works of men to include: art and architecture, writing and dance, interior decorating and virtualy anything that must be designed.

Sacred Geometry holds that the essence of all that exist is found in the hidden law of shapes. The numbers we are familiar with (1-9) are a short-hand for the shapes they represent. To understand shapes in correlation to the glyphs or ‘numbers’ given to them and the energy they carry is to understand sacred geometry.

Here is 1 through 9 in visual form with its energetic explanation and a bonus major arcana meaning found in tarot card symbology:

0 - Zero is the number of nothingness, and everything. It is the number of potential, the gateway to immortality. Its form symbolizes the womb from which everything in creation is born. Zero is the number of darkness, the backdrop of outer space and innerspace. We close our eyes to experience Zero, giving birth to our wildest dreams. Without Zero there is nothing. Yet, Zero is nothing. Think of Zero as a blank piece of paper or the seat of creation. A mind.

The Fool in Tarot: Present, yet only aware of the self. A personal desire to transform and discover the self, anew.

1 - One represents the beginning and the end —the beginning of somethingness, the end of nothingness. One is the singularity, the first thought to separate from mind and begin all of creation, a single dot on a blank piece of paper.  One is like the umbilical cord, the single source connecting us to the creator. It represents destiny and the spirit guides. The masculine principle. The Sun. The leader. The father. The key figure. We are what we think. The illustration is one from two different perspectives.

The Magician in Tarot: The manifestor and channel for gifts from the universe. The magician controls everything, but is still very unaware of the self.