What Dasha Cycle are You In?

The dasa system is one of the most aspects to the puzzle that is you,in Vedic Astrology. So what is a dasha? Well, it’s a planetary period of time that broadens the lens as to how karma unfolds in your life.

There are many dasa systems but the most widely used is the Vimshottari Dasha system. Vimshottari means 120 in Sanskrit. Thus, this system uses 120 years as the length of your life cycle. And now you see why it’s the dominant system today -most people won’t live longer than that. The dasha shows the current theme or season of your life whereby each graha (celestial body) unfolds for a certain number of years before giving way to another. 

The start of your first planetary dasha is determined by the unique placement of your Moon at birth. If you know your time of birth you can google dasha calculators to determine what dasha you’re currently in. The dasha's unfold in the order of the list below and ALWAYS follow this order throughout life. See if you can figure out which dasha you’re in right now by reading the brief descriptions of these cycles:

·Ketu is a 7-year cycle. Ketu is the dasha where you become aware of everything you do not need. Ketu is a very spiritual and healing cycle, and it is best to engage in spiritual development during this time. This dasha will help you let go of what you don’t need so you will develop spiritually. Attachment becomes a theme because materiality is not important during this time, but spiritual growth is.

·Venus is a 20-year cycle. Venus is the dasha where you learn to take care of yourself and others. It is a cycle of understanding love and relationships. This is one of the longest dasha because these challenges can be the most important lessons you will learn in your life. Wealth, prosperity and luxury are also part of this cycle.


Sun is a 6-year cycle. The Sun dasha is a cycle for embracing your own identity. Developing a healthy ego is necessary, and the urge to be true to yourself burns more strongly during this cycle. This is a time where you will learn to shine from yourself and when you no longer feel the need to be supported by others.


Moon is a 10-year cycle. This is the period of reflection, sensitivity, vulnerability and the need to connect your individual experience with others in a meaningful way. You are learning to see yourself as a reflection of the experiences you have with other. Nurturing, security, home and family are also themes in this cycle.


Mars is a 7-year cycle. Energy, passion, excitement, courage and a desire to better yourself are increased during this time. Mars is a time to test your energy through discipline and action. Mars is a hot cycle and brings you the energy you will need to compete with others and learn to make allies out of your enemies.


Rahu is an 18-year cycle. This period brings materiality and the need to embrace all the qualities you are in themost need of developing in this lifetime. This cycle eclipses our mind on a subconscious level. The things that you do not entirely understand will actually compel you! It is a cycle of intense agitation and detoxification on all levels. This is a cycle to really maturein.


Jupiter is a 16-year cycle. This is a period of faith, hope, optimism and a great time of personal growth. Jupiter will teach you something and give you something. This cycle can bring children, marriage, wealth, titles and honors. When Jupiter is weak in a chart this cycle can make you unrealistic, overly optimistic, and create doubt on all levels.


Saturn is a 19-year cycle. This is a time when you will face your greatest limitations and the reality of your immortality. This cycle teaches you responsibility, ambition and perseverance. It is a cycle of understanding the truth about “time” and the more harsh realities associated with the concepts of life and death. Spirituality, concentration and duty are emphasized.


Mercury is a 17-year cycle. Curiosity, learning, playful experimentation and communication are emphasized during this time. Mercury is a very neutral planetary energy, but has a swift quality of the mind. This is the time to see all the possibilities at once and then assess them correctly.  A cycle of true discrimination and detachment from our emotions and seeing all possibilities is important. But be careful of having too many options.

Note: Every chart is different and what I’ve described above is an outline of the basic energy of the planets. If you have a debilitated planet and you are running the cycle of that planet you will likely experience more negative effects of that cycle. Your entire horoscope must be evaluated to understand your unique opportunities and challenges.For full and accurate assessments of your mission in life, opportunities, and personal qualities you should request a reading from a professional. My astrology readings rely heavily on Jyotish, and Jamini Vedic methods. Please contact me and join the rewards clubfor discounts.

When you change a dasha cycle, the entire focus of your life will dramatically change according to the new planetary cycle. You can exercise wisdom and be prepared for thesechanges according to your own chart once you understand the energy that new dasha is bringing into your life.Enjoy the adventure of life, and as always, best of luck to you and all that you do!


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