Time to Celebrate

The grand story of a master. You know through prophecy that a master was coming -a true messiah figure. How much of the story is metaphor and how much is real? The books tell us that long before he arrived the prophecies were there stating that a man is coming to change the earth.

The manger story of a child visited by royalty, three wise astrologers came-over time to verify the prophecies and insure “this one” is really the one. He was Jewish. He came to change the paradigm. Though he grew up Jewish, he left is hometown quickly. He knew and could feel he should be doing something else. He felt a calling. Thus, he rejected his heritage and his lineage. He rejected a strict evil god. He knew things at a very young age that were amazing. In some circles they called him an evil priest. He began to commune with out of the norm groups. He said, I’m here to change the ships of the passing. He said, I’m here to create a new paradigm of a living loving god. He said, I am here to change the dispensation of god punishing you with books and rules. He said, God loves you like a son, so much so you can all be called the sons of god. He said, god is not an uncaring god of law and punishment instead it’s a god of love. He said I am the one, the only one to bring you this information and no one will know about it unless it’s through me. He was scheduled to arrive, and he did arrive on time to deliver a message to change the way people thought about god and spirit. His message, again, was god is love.

This man changed physics, altered things, and healed things to show what a human can do with the love of god inside. He made waves of course, a lot of waves. The dispensation of law upset many who were not ready to think differently about god and spirit. Yet, he took everything in stride. He knew his time was limited because he was scheduled as a master -a paradigm changer. They terminated his teaching and put him on the wood, to hang. The Jews didn’t want any part of him because he was too rebellious. The Italians put him on the wood because he was stirring things up. He made waves, so much so that they nailed him to the wood as opposed to tying him like others. He was taken down and put in a tomb, because it was against the law in Jerusalem to crucify after sundown, others were allowed to accompany him to watch the stone roll into place over his tomb. Days later the tomb was open and people reported that he returned.

Jews never really acknowledged who he was and what he really came to do. Italians, built the church in his honor. The same ones who killed him built a Vatican. Through the ages things changed. It was unanimously decided that the man was here simply to die. His depiction and around the world is best recognized as him hanging on the wood suffering. Everyone forgot he came with the message of the dispensation of love that is void of judgement, rule, and hierarchy. Over time, all the sects and structures created to honor him would thrive on judgment. But now, we see a move towards a non-judgmental church. We get to see the Pope’s and pastors who threw his message down the drain, exposed for not living and sharing the true message. Ultimately, he came like so many other scheduled masters to move humanity forward. Jesus, the man was foretold. So what’s next? What prophecy has yet to be realized? We are due for another shift, another dispensation.

Should we expect a coming again of the master? Thirty or forty years ago we were looking at a cold war. Peace was not an option it was about strength. Today is the opposite, those who don’t want peace are being ostracized or forced into peace. Inappropriate behaviors are no longer being swept under the carpet. Everything, no matter how uncomfortable to face is being brought to light. Thanks to the teaching of the man on the wood. It took some time, but the paradigm did shift. He did not come in vein. To be clear, this is not the message of worshiping a prophet but a revelation of the god within. A god of love. This is not a doctrine of metaphysics, but history. Both the indigenous and the scripture from organized religions have alluded to this time. I chose this story of this man because it is the story I am better versed in.

There is no longer a reason to believe you are born dirty and on this planet as a victim, or that there are rules to follow from a loving creator that will terminate you at the end of your life if you don’t behave. Sure, in our lifetime we have to live through wars and crusades and evil that we don’t understand. But, there is no need to walk around in the dark and be careful because you may not make it or that if you do make it you may be sent to hell. No, not by the loving god who created human beings in his own image. According to the man, the creator created us in the image of god. What does that mean? Does god look like a human? No. The image of god is love and compassion as a creator, the same thing imbued in your soul at birth. Ultimately, I am that I am and it is what it is.

Unfortunately, people are expecting doom and gloom. The end of the world. Yet the reason for the revelation or the end times whatever you want to call it is about the precession of the equinox. So many ancients on this planet gave the prophecy of what would happen if humanity lives after the procession. A new consciousness, that awakens to peace, it’s about an evolution of humanity’s soul. Yet another paradigm shift that leads to the end wars, and more respect for one another. Believe it or not that’s what’s happening. Just look at the news. There are so many thinkers now who think about their soul and why they are here. The prophecy of the ancients is important because it begs the question “why are we here” the future of the planet HAS changed.

In all of the scriptures that we cling to, and those prophecies given out of scripture, by Nostradamus and the like, speak of an Armageddon, a last war, ect. Some said it would happen in year 2000 others said 2012. But the prophecies of the Maya reflect that consciousness of humanity would change so much that even time itself would change, and humans will be unrecognizable in the future. Living longer and having shorter days are among the themes. We are coming out of the barbaric ages, competition between light and dark as opposed to belief systems is officially a thing of the past. Now the struggle is between the new and old consciousness thinking. Sure, the new will make waves and the old will try to cling, but soon they will have to let go. It is visible in politics and the economy world-wide. People are seeking integrity and we see old phonies immediately for what they are.