The Number Three

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

The number three is the language of epiphanies. In this article I will share some very important epiphanies with you that will help scientist and physicists create a balanced planet. Magnetics, influential numbers, and Nano technology are discussed. If you’re interest continue reading.

In studying numerology and sacred geometry three stands out as being perhaps the most widely discussed in religion, folklore, and superstition. Think of folktales from your youth: The genie in the bottle who grants three wishes, Three little pigs and Billie goat Gruff, Goldilocks and the three bears, Rumpelstiltskin receiving three spins and the princess getting three guesses at his name -the list goes on. What is the metaphysical meaning behind three?

In general, three is the synthesis, the offspring of one, and two. Number three insists that we remember the divinity within us. This is the foundation for the numerological meanings of the super human. How so? Well…

Three is best described as the catalytic number that quantumly transfers information beyond speech. Related to the Ripple Effect, and the Family structure of Man, Woman, Child. In this way, three can be thought of as a third language. Yet it is actually the catalyst for them both (speech and text) because three is the venue of connection.

In other words, three is the mechanism for what is commonly referred to as an epiphany. The spark that causes one to develop a language, written symbol, or anything for that matter. The same epiphany’s happen to many people all at once to ensure that someone takes up the mantle.

Problem Solving Inventions(Scientist and Physicist reading this please allow the language of three, the epiphany -to move you into action) :

A Clean Turbine

There is tremendous energy available on the Earth for free. It is geo thermal energy below our fee., It’s hot enough to drill down, create steam to drive turbines to create electricity and heat.

Nuclear reactors are nothing more than expensive steam engines, yet nuclear power is not clean. It produces dangerous waste products. There is nothing to dispose of when using geothermal energy. But it is dangerous because and you drill five kilometers straight down into the Earth there are pockets that may release gas, fire, or water -you may even disrupt the integrity of the lubricant enough to cause Earthquakes.

However, in the Earths hot spots you will have to drill down far less to find substances that will boil at less temperature than water does. When using steam from these hot spots steam engines can power all sorts of technology.

Healing Water

The resource that this planet needs the most is fresh water. There is a profound way to use the sea.. Of course it’s not fresh water. But you can extract the salt to desalinize. Current desalination efforts require heat and take a long time, are expensive, and in efficient.

Most of the cities, within all of the countries on earth -the largest ones are built at the shoreline. This is a good place to start this technology. Nano technology is the highest form of technology with the most vast amount of applications-it can even be put within the blood stream. You can build a desalinization plant on the ocean that never stops flowing and creates a byproduct unheard of without using heat.

Within a set of flowing systems -add Nano tech in the first system with the water flowing that are magnetic and programed to find the salt. Flowing into the next part huge electromagnets pull the salt out, no heat involved, then in the last flowing system you’re left with thee byproduct of “healing water” due to the magnetic application of the water.


Gravity and magnetism don’t move in a straight line, they bend. Light also bends when effected by the two. Quantum math can use influential numbers. Numbers that do not have empirical values. Numbers that only exist based on the numbers around them. Thus the four is effected by the five and reduced by the three. This is the formula for the circle being a whole number as opposed to the irrational Pi.

This is high math, and necessary to understanding the truth of physics that removes the straight (empirical) line, there is no static formula for everything, object x or substance y does not always have an assigned mass. In truth it is possible to alter the mass of everything because more exists than the 3d.

Magnetics is the key to altering mass. Magnetic fields must be arranged around magnetic fields to give a condition that will create a change in mass, sometimes even needing to create a magnetic solution -anit gravity is simply an object without mass. It floats and it’s possible.


“Integrity is the key.” - Kryon

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