Repeating Numbers

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

(333, 222, 111) On our clocks, license plates, and whatever we happen to glance at throughout the day. What do they mean? Should we rely on internet searches for spiritual growth?

You can search the meaning of 444, 333 or whatever and find mostly accurate insight into the meanings of these repeating numbers. However, once you complete your search, don’t forget to compare it to your personal findings. I have learned so much from paying attention to what is going on with me mentally and emotionally when specific repeating numbers show up. I suggest you do the same, likely learning something unique and more specific to you. 

Here are some comparisons of Internet searches and my personal findings regarding repeating numbers: 

1- When I see 11, 111 or 11:11, it is a sign of comfort and a reminder that I am not living this life alone; there are forces working in my favor. 11 typically shows up just before or during my learning an important lesson, sometimes pleasant, other times not so pleasant. A quick Internet search denotes the meaning of seeing variations of 11 as a sign of spiritual illumination and inner teaching. Here, the Internet meaning and my personal findings align, somewhat as they both involve learning. However, when we read about inner teaching and spiritual illumination we don’t typically correlate it to an unpleasant circumstance. Personally, it makes more sense to associate repeating 11’s with a sign of comfort and a reminder that my life is intentional and purpose driven than accepting the blanket notion of inner teaching and spiritual illumination. 

3- When repeating 33’s show up for me, I know something big is happening; something moving my life to a whole new level, a separate direction requiring me to apply wisdom gained from all the previous series of lessons. Repeating 33’s is a signal to me to act, to seize the moment, and I will be supported. Repeating 33’s tells me that the decisions I want to make, or things I’m dreaming about doing, align with my purpose. The Internet says 33 symbolizes that all things are possible and guidance is with you. Again, the Internet matches my experience. But it’s far more exciting to see 33 and know that if I go with my gut, my life will change positively forever. 

I consider this an exercise in communication with a higher-self. Very similar to decoding dreams, the messages sent through repeating numbers are like guideposts. The better equipped we are to read the signs, the more equipped we are to reach our destination without unnecessary rough patches. It may not be wise or appropriate to share the source and cause of our decisions because the world is still the world. Nonetheless, it is a must to grow and nurture the relationship we have with the part of self that is all-knowing because that will guide us to our best life. There is no Internet shortcut to nurturing the higher-self. “To whom much is given, much is required.”