RAHU–KETU TRANSIT 2019 FORECAST: Moon Signs and Natal Planets

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Rahu and Ketu are two shadow planets that hold great significance in Vedic Astrology. They do not possess any physical existence and are never retrograde in their motion. They change sign once every 18 months and can bring definite changes during transits. On March 7, 2019, Rahu will transit to Gemini sign in Punarvasu Nakshatra. Ketu will transit to Sagittarius in Uttarashada Nakshatra.

The shadow planets Rahu and Ketu are referred to as lunar nodes represented by a snake with its head cut off -Rahu is the head and Ketu is the body. The tail of the snake indicate past life karma and the head of the snake points to how one experiences it in the present life. Rahu is a shadow planet with a powerful impact on human lives. Rahu is the North node capable of generating interest in worldly comforts and materialistic pleasures. Ketu is the South node, capable of enhancing spiritual interests and pursuits.

Both these shadow planets alter the way one thinks and perceives when they occupy a dominating position in the horoscope. Continue reading to see how these nodes will affect your life according to your moon sign and the planets they transit in your natal chart.



Rahu will Transit to the 3rd HouseThe transit of Rahu in to Gemini, the 3rd house from your Moon sign is said to be an auspicious placement which would bring luck and prosperity in life. The position of Rahu in the 3rd house is said to offer valor, courage and determination to take risk in your endeavors. Your siblings would seemingly possess expectations upon you. A sense of curiosity arises to know things that have long been a case of uncertainty. At one point, you could be pretty inventive in your ideologies which others might not mind. Your relationship with younger siblings would blossom during this transit period. You would be interested to communicate your thoughts and desires among your peers and subordinates at office and with family members at home. You tend to have a good conversation with people around you. You would be looking forward to take quick decisions in this period. Yet, it would favor you at all times. It is important that you do not arrive on to anything hasty. 

Ketu will Transit to the 9th House: The transit of Ketu in to Sagittarius, the 9th house from your Moon sign would offer reasonable results. You could get connected towards spiritual ideologies and philosophical thoughts. Pilgrimage is on the cards. You would receive the company of your family to visit temples. This could seemingly be intriguing to you. You would find the religious beliefs and its existence quite appealing in the days to come. You would find interest in following religious practices. By doing so, it would be fascinating. You possess dual ideologies favoring God and Nature simultaneously. You would like to impose obedience and strict rules upon yourselves. You would be inclined towards religious practices such as fasting and following divine rituals, while others could be spellbound towards divinity and scientific/ philosophical thoughts.


Rahu will Transit to the 2nd House:The transit of Rahu in to the 2nd house from your Moon sign would offer fair results. Misunderstandings at home shall become common. There might be a sense of unusual turbulence felt at home amidst family members. Watch your words, curb down on lengthy conversations as you may not have control over words that you utter, especially during the presence of Rahu in the 2nd house. It is time you have an eye over your finances too. Avoid unnecessary expenditure. Start saving money for your future needs. Do not get involved in transactions pertaining to unknown sources or foreign people. This is the time where you would be forced to spend a lot of money. You need to cut down your expenses for the sake of your own needs in the years to come. 

Ketu will Transit to the 8th House: Ketu’s entry to the 8th house from your Moon sign might offer you mental turbulence. You would experience a new professional environment. Do not get involved in unnecessary discussions or controversial remarks upon others in their absence. This transit of Ketu to the 8th house from your Moon sign offers to provide you with a good philosophical knowledge and understanding upon unconventional subjects. Possibilities of interaction with individuals who are philosophically/ spiritually inclined are on the cards. You would receive sudden gains in the form of knowledge and advice which would become an integral part of your life for the future. You would be surprised about the transformation you have acquired in this time frame.


Rahu will Transit to the Moon Sign:The transit of Rahu in to your Moon sign, offers you mixed results. You would sport a new look and appear rejuvenated. There would be a significant change in your character. You would be interested in travel and accumulating branded and imported products. There would be a sense of unpredictability in your approach. You are destined to acquire famous/ astonishing possessions coming your way related to fashion, electronics, communication, etc. Rahu in this position would enable you travel in and around your residing location. There would be a sense of desperation in all your activities and you tend to go wild if one of your efforts doesn’t go as per expectations. Do not lose your composure upon any situation. 

Ketu will Transit to the 7th House: The transit of Ketu to the 7th house from your Moon sign is said to offer results lesser than expected. Some of you may experience lack of interest towards worldly affairs. There could be misinterpretations pertaining to marital affair. Your life partner or business partner might not be as active as per your expectations. This could at times ruin your plans and you might have to reschedule several times. This may psychologically impact your performance. This is the time frame where you have to overlook all life factors other than your routine. At times, you could think of making a big change in life related to your career and family. Do not undertake any drastic changes all of a sudden as it might not serve the purpose. Play watchful in all aspects, so that you do not get affected much in the process.


Rahu will Transit to the 12th House: Rahu’s transit into Gemini, the 12th house from your Moon sign shall help you identify the real self. You would be fresh and rejuvenated after over a year full of unpredictable and inconsistent activities in life. You would get a chance to move abroad during this transit period. You might spend a lot of money and would find it difficult to control expenses. You might spend more time over entertainment and pleasure. Although it might thrill you, it doesn’t seem to offer good result. So, try not to spend more time and money for entertainment-related activities. You may not be able to sleep properly as you would be busy with your career or looking after your family. 

Ketu will Transit to the 6th House: Ketu’s transit into Sagittarius, the 6th house from your Moon sign offers a sigh of relief after consistent struggle and stagnation. Your aptitude would assist you when needed. Find time to relax and develop strategies for future endeavors. You would have to be careful in official matters. Inconsistent environment prevailing over work place would vanish away. There would be some sort of a progress in life. Do not come to a conclusion upon silly conversations or intermediary information. Display care and caution over any changes you overcome in health matters. Do not argue or develop controversial communication with maternal uncle and nephew/ niece.


Rahu will Transit to the 11th House: Rahu’s transit into Gemini, the 11th house from your Moon sign is considered to offer favorable results. You shall experience unexpected gains. Relationship between elder brothers and sisters would blossom as you would be delighted to receive their support. There could be quick progress for those expecting growth in career. Misunderstanding between husband and wife would get resolved smoothly. There would be a good rapport and support from your spouse’s family. You would accumulate wealth by means of foreign travel or through foreigners. 

Ketu will Transit to the 5th House: Ketu’s transit into Gemini, the 5th house from your Moon sign is not a fine placement. You would be less interested in interacting with others at home and office. Try not to wait for luck to favor you, instead, make the first effort from your side. Execute good relationship with children at home. Offer inspiring thoughts and words of advice to get them motivated. Although it is not a fearful time frame, it is advisable to stay safe.


Rahu will Transit to the 10th House: Rahu’s transit in Gemini to the 10th house from your Moon Sign is considered a good indicator. Rahu’s transit into Gemini shall improve your social status. The reach and recognition you have in your workplace would reach new heights. You would be eager to take on new challenges and ultimately be successful in creating new records. During this process, you would rewrite your own accomplishments. Your work place would adorn a new look. You shall be doubly involved in career related activities. Your profession would demand your presence at important junctures. You would be assigned additional responsibilities at work place. You may travel abroad for official reasons. You could meet or communicate with foreign people for official reasons. You shall experience many long pending plans getting executed now. 

Ketu will Transit to the 4th House: Ketu’s Transit in Sagittarius through the 4th House from your Moon sign will offer modest results. Although you are happy, you might think that things didn’t shape up as per expectations. Do not get involved in serious arguments with your mother. Even if something doesn’t go as per expectations, wait for the right moment to have your say. Do not publicize your opinion. It is a good time to take your vehicles to the garage and get it repaired/ serviced. Try spending quality time with your mother. This could prove to be a bond strengthener for you both. Avoid consuming food outside pretty often. Ketu’s presence in the 4th house is a good time to observe fast and practice strict adherence in food related matters.


Rahu will Transit to the 9th House: Rahu’s transit in to Gemini the 9th house from your Moon Sign is considered significantly a good placement. Rahu is said to bestow some good changes in the days to come. This is the time frame where you would receive gifts and good wishes. You would gain assets, both movable and immovable. Do not inflict trust in the words of unknown people without performing your own ground work on certain important matters. You would be back at your blitzkrieg best in performing your duties next to none in the professional front. Do not be so harsh on your father rather try to understand him a bit more. There would be chances arising where some of you could shift your base to another city or move over to another place for living. Overall you could make this transit to work in your favor with sheer brilliance. 

Ketu will Transit to the 3rd House: Ketu’s transit in Sagittarius, the 3rd House from your Moon sign would offer good results. This is the period where you need to cast in all your efforts irrespective of the results you obtain. You would be defending yourself in your pursuits with your mind and not with shoulder power. This is the best time for planning for future. Ketu’s presence in the 3rd house also slows down your communicative skills. You would be least interested in interacting unnecessarily with your peers at office and family members at home. Silence might sneak in to your life for a few days. Instead, you would be interested to hear a lot from near and dear ones. Maintain a cordial relationship with younger siblings. There are chances for getting minor frictions. This is the time when you might get irritated with their words or actions.


Rahu will Transit to the 8th House: Rahu’s transit into Gemini, the 8th house from your Moon sign is said to offer you relief from mixed emotions and external turbulence. There may be difficulties in receive properties through inheritance. It is a good time frame to involve in healthy practices such as Yoga, Physical fitness and rehabilitation. You may find it difficult to resolve problems easily. You could avail materialistic or moral support from the family of your spouse. There would be a sudden interest over Spirituality and venturing into pilgrimage. 

Ketu will Transit to the 2nd House: Ketu’s transit into the 2nd house from your Moon sign is said to offer moderate results. Your house and family could well be involved in philosophical and charitable duties. Everyone would be busy in some way or the other which might make you think that they do not spend time with you. There could be a sigh of silence maintained in family, especially at home. At times you might feel detached or like to find space off from others. You would be able to think and strategize better in this time frame. Occasionally, you might get carried away and would have to reap for it later. There would be more expenses and it indicates more wastages.


Rahu will Transit to the 7th House: Rahu’s transit to Gemini, the 7th house from your Moon sign is considered to be a moderate placement. You would avail the option of choosing multiple career opportunities, if you are on the lookout for a job. If you are interested in starting up business, it would flourish in this time frame. Although you would have to experience practical difficulties and challenges, life would move ahead. You would travel a lot and explore new people. At one point, you might not have time to interact with others. Get ready to have a move forward in life. Your circle of friends would increase. You would get to meet more people irrespective of age or profession. You might experience a change in your lifestyle. 

Ketu will Transit to the 1st House: Ketu is transiting in to your Moon sign. This will initiate interest over higher levels of spiritual and philosophical thoughts in you. This is one of the best of times for self-introspection. Spend some quality time for your betterment each day. This enables you face the challenges of life better with considerable amount of confidence. You will be interested over obtaining philosophical ideas from others. You would silently observe things happening around you. You will not possess astounding desires, but do own a matured outlook.


Rahu will Transit to the 6th House: Rahu’s transit to Gemini, the 6th house from your Moon sign is considered to be a good placement. You would spend important occasions with your family and friends. In the professional front, your work place would keep you busy and interesting. You would find success in all your ventures after facing challenges. Those suffering from prolonged illness are set to find the road for recovery. You would not experience troubles from enemies. Exhibit caution during travel. Make use of this important time frame where you could turn the tables in your favor. You would be confident enough to face any tough situation coming your way. 

Ketu will Transit to the 12th House: Ketu’s transit in the 12th house from your Moon sign is also another good indication for finding change in your mindset. You would notice a change in your approach. You would also get inclination towards righteousness and spirituality. Your thoughts and actions would be graceful. You would feel proactive. This is indeed a good time to undertake Yatra (Spiritual Tour). You could meet some important people in life during this time frame. You would be conceptualizing things differently.


Rahu will Transit to the 5th House: Rahu’s transit to Gemini, the 5th house from your Moon sign is considered to be a pretty good placement. You would enjoy good relationship with everyone at home and away. People would like to have a good rapport with you. You would be successful in speculation and trading. People associated with business, commerce and trading aspects are set to experience gains and smooth sailing in their profession during this transit period. You would be lucky in your overall endeavors. Control your emotions and curtail expectations. Do not be over-enthusiastic. Although there might not be any troubles to experience, a cause of concern over future endeavors and planning might worry you a bit. 

Ketu will Transit to the 11th House: Ketu’s transit to Sagittarius, the 11th house from your Moon sign is considered a good placement. Your involvement in spiritual and philosophical ideas would shape up better. Involvement in social and charitable activities shall offer you good satisfaction. Those involved in service-oriented activities are set to get their due in this time frame. It is good to keep calm and let your work do the talking. During this transit, you could get philosophical words of advice and motivation from elders, grandparents and others at home and neighborhood.


Rahu will Transit to the 4th House: Rahu’s transit to Gemini, the 4th house from your Moon sign is considered to be a moderate placement. There could be misunderstanding in deciding about the domestic requirements at home. Expectations from your mother would be higher upon you. Ensure care on your mother’s health as she might experience occasional health disturbances. You would be driven towards luxury vehicles and would also be interested in acquiring one. It is time to hone your natural skills and ability to take up complex tasks. This is also the time where you have to play the waiting game too when expecting a result. So, balance yourselves to attain your goals. 

Ketu will Transit to the 10th House: Ketu’s transit to Sagittarius, the 10th house from your Moon sign makes you draw more efforts to create opportunities. There are chances of visiting temples and sacred places of spiritual interest. Do not undertake any hasty decisions from your side before knowing the result of your hard work. Do your duty and leave the rest to the Supreme power to decide. Do not disclose any of your official plans to others or in public. You will be recognized for your unusual skills. It is possible for you to receive recognition and approval but with some obstacles. You will be known for your charitable works in the Society.

Effect of Transit of Rahu (North Node) on Natal Planets

In Astrology transits are the movement of the planets across the sky in the present. This is the method of predicting current life events because the current planetary positions interact with your planetary positions at birth. The transit of the planets effect everyone differently according to your individual horoscope. Planets give results that depend on the which sign, house, aspect and angle transit of the planet on the birth chart.

Rahu (North Node) Transiting Planets

Rahu gives a feeling of expansion and experiencing life to its fullest. Rahu’s transit over a benefic planet may give positive results and while a transit over malefic planets yield negative results. It also depends on the sign of the planet because Rahu will amplify the energy according to the sign of the planets and how they interact with your personal skymap. For full and accurate assessments of your mission in life, opportunities, and personal qualities you should request a reading from a professional. My astrology readingsrely on Jyotish, and Jamini Vedic methods.

Rahu (North Node) transit over Sun: Rahu transiting the Sun enhances your feelings of power and it is a time to have success and public image. Although it is positive transit but the person should not go on negative aspect of Sun energy that is too much ego and fear of losing power. 

Rahu (North Node) transit over Moon: Rahu transit over the Moon is challenging. It makes person very unhappy and creating unreasonable fears or anxiety. These people need to take extra care during this transit, because it can be full of weird imagination. 

Rahu (North Node) transit over Mars: Rahu transit over the Mars is also challenging. It makes person to take extra risk, impulsive and focused to get something. These people need to careful in this time period as this can be harmful if action not taken with precaution. 

Rahu (North node) transit over Mercury: Rahu’s transit over Mercury can be positive depending on the sign of the Mercury. In this time period a person can do business, sales work, and work related with communication. But they need to be careful not be over smart and clever.  

Rahu (North Node) transit over Jupiter: Rahu transiting over Jupiter generally positive. The person become very hopeful and positive because Jupiter and Rahu both are expansive planets, together they can do too much. During this time these people may involve in foreign religions or meet someone who is from different culture. 

Rahu (North Node) transit over Venus: Venus and Rahu both are good friends. In this time period the person have good time related with materialistic life. This transit can bring marriage, luxuries, relationships, good food and cloths, interest in dancing, music and acting. It changes the time for a while to the individual. 

Rahu (North Node) transit over Saturn: Rahu and Saturn both are stressful planets, Rahu have imaginary fears and Saturn have real fears about life. Rahu transiting over Saturn is very challenging. This time is very difficult for the native because Saturn is the planet of karma and in this time the person faces difficulties in life. If Saturn is a good planet for you, then Rahu will amplify Saturn good qualities. 

Rahu (North Node) transit over Rahu: Rahu transit over Rahu activates the karmic axis. It is the start of a new cycle of karmic development when one part of your life’s purpose has finished and it is now time to focus on the new one. In this time the person become confused and curious about ‘’what is my purpose in this lifetime’’.

Rahu (North Node) transit over Ketu: When Rahu transits over Ketu, the axis is reversed and confusion and it create confusion around past life issues. The person may aware of issues with people but they cannot do anything. They try to work with past life problems but the transit indicates they are halfway in issues of the past lives. They are not able to resolve their issues with people.

Effect of Transit of Ketu (South Node) on Planets Astrology

Ketu is inner parent who wants everything perfect. During Ketu transit over planets Ketu is always asking you to give up, reject, and renounce something. As Ketu looks at things more critically, its transits can give unrealistic expectation of what you want from life. Ketu shows vulnerability and weakness, the very area the soul needs to leave behind. 

Ketu (South Node) transit over Sun: Ketu transiting over the Sun shows problem with father and authority figures and government. During Ketu transit over Sun the native face deep rooted issues with father, no matter how much you make effort to make your father happy but he will never appreciate your work. It is good to talk in this time because your may not aware of his action. 

Ketu (South Node) transit over Moon: Ketu transiting over the Moon shows problem with mother.  The mind can become agitated and restless. It is very problematic but after transit over, it clear your many misunderstanding with mother or you simply give up to resolve your issues with mother because she never going to understand you. It is a good time for meditation, searching for your spiritual roots and controlling your emotions. 

Ketu (South Node) transit over Mars: Ketu transiting over the Mars shows problem with brother or brother like figures. Ketu act like Mars and it transit over Mars double the effect. During this time the person should avoid arguments and fighting with people. The person need to think before taking any physical action and also careful during driving because in this period they may have injuries or accidents. 

Ketu (South Node) transit over Mercury: Ketu is perfectionist and criticizing inner parent, and Mercury present sister. Both Ketu and Mercury use their logic and analytical mind to be expert in communication and develop skill related with the sign and house. It can be confusing and the person may take wrong decision. It also create difficulty in relations with sister. 

Ketu (South Node) transit over Jupiter: Jupiter is believe, higher learning, philosophy, and husband for a women. Ketu’s transit over Jupiter can make the person reject many beliefs, philosophy, ideas about life that were defined by others in childhood or past lives. Now during this time they explore different or new ideas, philosophy and teachings. For a woman, this can be a difficult time with husband or with gurus.

Ketu (South Node) transit over Venus: Venus is luxury, comfort, beauty, relationship and wife in a man life. Ketu’s transit over Venus is difficult time for all Venus stuff. Ketu want a simpler life in this time period so that you can understand life beyond comfort and beauty. In this time the native giving up luxuries and comforts. Ketu wants love beyond physical pleasure and relationship may break relationship in their time period. 

Ketu (South Node) transit over Saturn: Saturn is the planet of responsibility and duty.  Ketu transiting over Saturn is heavy in relation with work and duty. It creates sudden responsibility and workload in career. During this time the native need to take precaution, because it makes person to leave the responsibility and work, which may create problem in career area. Time, but Ketu lead to complete reassessment of goal, and responsibilities in life during this time. 

Ketu (South Node) transit over Rahu: When Ketu transits over Rahu it creates confusion. Suddenly You feel you need to give up desires and ambitions and take the path of spirituality. But Rahu create confusion Ketu sucks confusion it just difficult for person to resolve the issues. As this represents the halfway stage of a karmic struggle, Relating to the outer life is difficult when you are still engaged in understanding your inner voice. 

Ketu (South Node) transit over Ketu: Ketu return (Ketu transiting Ketu) signifies the end of one cycle of soul growth. This is a good time to meditate over the lessons learnt during the past 18 years. It is a time for closure, for paying your karmic debts and letting go of your emotional baggage. If you still continue the old conditions, you are not helping your soul to mature and grow. 

For full and accurate assessments of your mission in life, opportunities, and personal qualities you should request a reading from a professional.. My astrology readings rely heavily on Jyotish, and Jamini Vedic methods. Please contact me and join the rewards club for discounts. In the meantime, enjoy the adventure of life, and as always, best of luck to you and all that you do! See February 2019 horoscopes.

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