Make Gut choices

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Is it a Yes or a No? Are you aware of things that feel right, or do you ignore your gut? Do you bury your feelings instead of nurturing them as strengths? Maybe you do busy work and turn on the mind chatter to drown out what you are feeling.

This article is to help get you back in-line with what feels right. Some of us refuse to connect with how we feel while others over-do it by connecting with every emotion and feeling they ever had all the time.  Either way; a lack of or over-stimulated emotional connection to yourself reveals a lot about our behavior.  Many people are afraid to shed a tear while numerous others cry at the drop of a hat. It’s as though there is no balance where it is most important. Our feelings, whether over the top or buried, are our navigational system. How we feel is the filter that allows us to find the safe, productive and joyful -YES to the questions life asks of us. And Yes! We are certainly here to be productive, safe, joyful and a whole lot more.

When I was growing up, I was told by a parent, “No one wants to hear about how you’re feeling. I don’t care and neither does anyone else.”  To add insult to injury, I was mocked with flailing hands, fake crying and dramatic mannerisms as it was being said.

Not only did this really hurt my feelings, it also changed my behavior for many years to come. My response was to be quiet and shrink.  You could say I was one of the bury the connection kind of person.  It took years for me to unravel this. Through maturity I came to KNOW that what felt right was a clue to being the best person I could be.  Conversely, my parent did not. My parent had been “should” on at a young age and inherently learned to do the same to me.

For a large portion of my life I lived disconnected from what felt right to me.  I didn’t want to look at or experience feelings because they represented ridicule and pain. I shut off what felt right and gave up all of my BIG HAPPY YES answers when life asked me a question.

Today I know these events were not about me.  Today I know and have felt the pain of what others feel when they shut down the most important and healthy part of our being-ness, our presence -and that’s our feelings. Today I know that this was one of the great AHA moments in my life because it provided more contrast and allowed me to connect with my feelings and not be ashamed or afraid to say Yes to life. Not be afraid to say Yes to my gut feeling, my joy, and my peace. Today I live a life that oozes with what feels right.  Now is the time for all of us to let go, let in, and embrace our personal YES.  It defines our passions and will ultimately lead us to what we were born to do. I invite you to follow me down the rabbit hole of what feels right.


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