Intuitive Gifts of Scorpio

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

All 12 zodiac signs possess specific intuitive gifts based on the nature of the ruling planet. These same gifts can be found in specific aspects of life if we dive deeper into where specific planets show up in the natal chart. We may do that later; for now, the next 12 articles over upcoming weeks will delve into the intuitive gifts based on the sun signs, following the wheel counter clockwise from Capricorn to Aquarius. This series will explore the best ways to be authentically you in spite of circumstances pulling you away from your best self.

Everyone has psychic abilities. Often the term psychic gets lost in mysticism, spooky, lofty, loose concepts or interpretations of seeing the future that can be off putting for grounded minds. So, I prefer to use intuitive because that is actually what is meant by “physic.” Intuition is a gift given to us all and our sun sign can point us in the direction of our intuitive powers. Through knowledge and understanding we can learn to improve our mastery of these powers if we know where to look.

As Scorpio, the magnetic leader and powerful defender of all things you love. Your innate abilities allow you to see through people. You instinctively know what others are hiding. This gives you the capacity to accurately determine how to maneuver romantic relationships, friendships, and financial opportunities to suit your needs and the needs of the greater good. You observe people and situations from an emotional stance. As the most powerful sign in the zodiac, you are especially adept at perceiving the deeper emotional energies behind the conversations and behaviors of those around you. Simultaneously, you naturally find socially acceptable creative ways to keep your own emotions tucked away. You seldom reveal them to anyone. You use your passion as a clever emotional mask and tailor it to any audience.

It is vital for Scorpio to cultivate its own emotional stance. Very often Scorpio will develop an in-depth emotional stance regarding a person or situation based on seemingly unimportant information, passing conversations, or mundane behaviors. Hold true to it. That is the activation of your psychic ability. It is God’s gift to you, and only you, not to be shared with others. If you allow outside people, places, or things to make you fearful or angry where you were otherwise o.k., you'll run into trouble.

How does this get you into trouble?

Sharing too many feelings can turn your super power into your kryptonite. As a born leader your natural magnetism leaves you open for everyone to perceive the depth of your understanding. When you share passionate feelings others will adjust to theirs to match you because they fear Scorpio will discovering their weaknesses or places where they lack understanding. You are the teacher of emotions. Everyone wants to be the teacher’s pet. For this reason, Scorpio should never be the bleeding heart while others are guarding theirs. The difficulty is, the watery nature of Scorpio causes frequent mood swings. These can lead the less conscious Scorpio down the path of the bleeding heard. Such expression. Is normally commendable. Not for Scorpio. You can't measure emotions when no one is showing them!

What happens when you master your intuition?

Scorpio, you have mastered how to use your awareness of others to cleverly disguise your own position and bring about favorable circumstances for yourself. Where emotions are concerned, the conscious Scorpio ignores outside influences and stands firmly in its own beliefs. Scorpio stays in the fixed water energy it was born with and learns to trust its own emotional hunches. Those lucky enough to be around conscious Scorpio will enjoy their magnetic personality while rarely getting a glimpse of genuine emotion. Conscious Scorpio is aware of whose not aware. Conscious Scorpio knows how, when, and why others are intentionally stirring pot. As the most powerful sign in the zodiac, conscious Scorpio is more than capable of using this psychic information to actualize all that it desires.


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