Intuitive Gifts of Sagittarius

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

All 12 zodiac signs possess specific intuitive gifts based on the nature of the ruling planet. These same gifts can be found in specific aspects of life if we dive deeper into where specific planets show up in the natal chart. We may do that later; for now, the next 12 articles over upcoming weeks will delve into the intuitive gifts based on the sun signs, following the wheel counter clockwise from Capricorn to Aquarius. This series will explore the best ways to be authentically you in spite of circumstances pulling you away from your best self.

Everyone has psychic abilities. Often the term psychic gets lost in mysticism, spooky, lofty, loose concepts or interpretations of seeing the future that can be off putting for grounded minds. So, I prefer to use intuitive because that is actually what is meant by “physic.” Intuition is a gift given to us all and our sun sign can point us in the direction of our intuitive powers. Through knowledge and understanding we can learn to improve our mastery of these powers if we know where to look.

As Sagittarius, the ever changing seeker of knowledge. Your innate nature allows you to see the forest for the trees. You instinctively know best way forward because you can see multiple viewpoints of any given situation or circumstance. This allows you the ability to accurately assess how to maneuver romantic relationships, friendships, and financial opportunities to suit your need and the needs of the greater good. You observe people and situations from an optimistic stance. You are especially adept at looking through the eyes of all involved and using their perception to determine the deeper emotional occult, or hidden energies at play from each perspective.

When people consult Sagittarius, Sagittarius can always determine their emotions and perspectives accurately. This gives you an heir of enlightenment, and peaks your natural interest in the ideas and feelings of others. Be careful. Your tendency to be blunt, coupled with your tendency to move on in search of new ways to see things may leave people feeling you are unreliable. Some will suspect you’ve used them as a case study. Moreover, Sagittarius friendly, fun, and enlightened persona can intentionally or unintentionally confuse or frustrate those you interact with who can’t see the various perspectives as only a Sag. can.

How does this get you into trouble?

Less conscious Sagittarius’s who lack confidence can easily become either manipulators or victims of manipulation. This is due to the mutable nature of Sagittarius. You naturally morph your perceptions to align with those around you. This is what makes you so friendly. However, interactions with rigid or overly emotional signs such as Virgo or Pisces ,respectively, can cause you to become fixated on one idea or be swept away by too many lofty ideas. On the other hand, your ability to mutate into the personas of those around you, coupled with your heir of enlightenment can result in you leading the charge towards an unhealthy less conscious lifestyle. Such impulses and manipulations are no one’s fault. Most often they happen unconsciously. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know! It is all a matter of the energies at play. The point is, Sagittarius's source of wisdom relies heavily on optimism. As a mutable fire sign Sagittarius must learn to remain optimistic in its perceptions.

What happens when you master your intuition?

Sagittarius learns to control their internal world. Such that, outside influences no longer penetrate. You learn to perceive ideals realistically. The conscious Sagittarius no longer over romanticizes people or situations. Nor are they swept away by the perceptions of those around them. The conscious Sag. finds contentment perceiving things as they are –beautiful imperfections. This makes you a more reliable person, completely capable of using your powers of wisdom and enlightenment to bring about a better world for yourself. Those lucky enough to be around you are inspired by all the exciting new positive experiences you bring to the table.


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