Intuitive Gifts of Libra

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

All 12 of the zodiac signs possess specific intuitive gifts based on the nature of the ruling planet. Those same gifts can be found in specific aspects of life if we dive deeper into where specific planets show up in the natal chart. We may do that at a later time. For now, the next 12 articles written over the upcoming weeks will delve into the intuitive gifts based on the sun signs, Beginning with Capricorn and following the wheel counter clockwise consecutively ending with Aquarius. This series will give insight into the best ways to be authentically you in spite of circumstances that can pull you away from your best self.

Everyone has psychic abilities. Often the term psychic gets lost in mysticism, spooky, loft, loose concepts or interpretations of seeing the future that can be of putting for grounded minds. So, I prefer to use intuitive, because that is actually what is meant by “physic”. Intuition is a gift given to us all and our sun sign can point us in the direction of our intuitive powers. Through knowledge and understanding we can learn to improve our mastery of these powers if we know where to look.

As Libra, the scales of harmony and balance, your innate nature demands that you be aware of other people’s actions. You instinctively know what relationships will work, and the best person to call on for a specific task. Not only does this make you a great delegator, it makes you especially astute at choosing optimal romantic partners, friends, and financial investors. You observe people and situations to find continuity and balance. You know what others will do in a given situation, you can accurately anticipate how they will behave. You know where and how inconsistencies will manifest in the behaviors of others.

The key for Libra, is to avoid the inclination to control loved ones. You know the people around you better than they know themselves, but this doesn’t give you the right to “fix” them. Remember the object is always affected by the observer --beware that “fixing” the behavior of the people you love will often create more bad then good, because you are putting your energy in the mix and you can’t see how that changes the circumstances. Which brings me to the next point.

Unconscious Libra knows and understands the actions of others better than its self. A fact that manifests as needing people around all the time. Such a dependency, leads you to be passive, and go against your own instincts. In other words, unconscious Libra will accept partners, friends, and relationships that are completely unbalanced and be fully aware of it, just to avoid being alone. It is imperative for you to learn to sit with your own thoughts.

When a Libra masters how to use her/his superpower and gains conscious awareness of self he/she confidently takes command of life. Conscious Libra you accurately and effortlessly decide why, and with whom you will spend your precious time with. As the discerner of harmony and balance you assess the actions of those around you, and determine if and where they fit in your life to create the most harmonious situation for all involved. You trust your assessment of other people’s actions and you aggressively separate the wheat from the tare when you know things are getting out of hand. Those lucky enough to be around conscious Libra will benefit by learning new and dynamic ways to use their talents and convert their weaknesses into strengths.


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