Intuitive Gifts of Capricorn

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

All 12 zodiac signs possess specific intuitive gifts based on the nature of the ruling planet. These same gifts can be found in specific aspects of life if we dive deeper into where specific planets show up in the natal chart. We may do that later; for now, the next 12 articles over upcoming weeks will delve into the intuitive gifts based on the sun signs, following the wheel counter clockwise from Capricorn to Aquarius. This series will explore the best ways to be authentically you in spite of circumstances pulling you away from your best self.

Everyone has psychic abilities. Often the term psychic gets lost in mysticism, spooky, lofty, loose concepts or interpretations of seeing the future that can be off putting for grounded minds. So, I prefer to use intuitive because that is actually what is meant by “physic.” Intuition is a gift given to us all and our sun sign can point us in the direction of our intuitive powers. Through knowledge and understanding we can learn to improve our mastery of these powers if we know where to look.

As Capricorn, the builder and the grounded one, your innate nature allows you to see the true nature of foundations. Will ideas come to fruition; will they last; are they sound? Capricorn you Know. You know when romantic relationships, friendships, financial circumstances are sound. You can determine the stability and lasting power of all aspects of life because you are a natural expert on foundations. You observe people and situations from a practical standpoint, and are especially adept at using those observations to determine the deeper emotional, occult, or hidden energies at play.

Capricorns lean towards tangible expression of emotion, preferring to show people how they feel. But Capricorns should watch out here because if you don’t trust your own intuitive power and fail to access foundations properly, you will invest too much time and energy expressing your emotions, i.e. building for the wrong person, people, or thing.

How does this get you into trouble?

You can be swept away, emotionally invested in the ideas and concepts of others. This is mostly because Capricorns have trouble understanding the emotional nuances of life, seeing the world in black and white. Thus, you respect title and position over connection, not because you want to, but because you don’t understand connection and emotion the way, say, a watery Pisces does. The outcome of this very grounded, emotionless, black and white way of thinking makes Capricorns vulnerable to signs that tend to be less stable while keenly understanding emotion and relationship dynamics, like Cancer, for example.

Here’s a scenario:

Cancer holds the title of ‘Sister’ to Capricorn. However, ‘Cancer Sister’ just met Capricorn last year, and only once, at a major family event where they spoke for less than thirty minutes.
Capricorn is elated by the meeting and has been raving about it all year, even reaching out to ‘Cancer Sister’ in an effort to spend time with her. Cancer is pleased to have met a sister, but not enough to build a meaningful connection because ‘Cancer Sister’ already has plenty of those. She was too busy to meet with Capricorn, and politely declined by saying she didn’t have a car or ride to come visit.
After several attempts on Capricorn’s part and similar replies from ‘Cancer Sister,’ Capricorn decided to surprise her ‘sister’ by gifting her a new model car. Of course, ‘Cancer Sister’ will accept the car, and of course, ‘Cancer Sister’ now views Capricorn as an easy target, ripe for emotional manipulation.

This scenario is no one’s fault and wasn’t designed to demonize either sign. The point is, Capricorn was loyal to the title of ‘sister’ over the actual emotional connection, unable to make an accurate social assessment of ‘Cancer Sister’s' excuses, and foolishly offered tangible expression of her feelings. When this happens, Capricorns’ need to build out of emotion takes over and they plan, act, and manifest the desires of other people. As you can imagine, this thwarts the personal happiness of the less conscious Capricorn. They end up spending too much time building strong foundations for people who do not care for them, ultimately separating them from their true desires.