In Search of Purpose

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Natural Talent vs. Acquired Skill

There is nothing to learn. If you are a god, then all you have to do is remove the barriers that are preventing you from remembering what you already know. That process of removing and remembering is alchemy. -Cocoa

Folks who we consider advanced feel that their conscious intelligent mind is what allows them to prevail in this world and bring about a confident, purposeful, and profitable self-expression. I’m thinking of folks like Bill Gates, and great talents like Lebron James or Mike Tyson. We often will find these types giving speeches to high schooler’s or wayward adults that highlight the necessity of practice, determination, and hard work. Yet, if we check the spiritual facts this idea of conscious intelligence and acquired skill-sets only go so far in helping one manifest true purpose and sustainable self-expression.

But, consider or remember rather, that who and what you are is simply a reflection of something that is –all that is. You are merely a vessel. And that revelation alone, makes life so much easier. Why? Well, because the only work you have to do is reflect. All the answers already exist within you. All you have to do is connect to your higher-self, divine mind, your soul –or whatever you prefer to call it. In other words follow your own lead –do what you, that still small voice is directing you to do no matter how weird or odd it seems. Because that is having the courage to reflect your light.

This advice is in strict opposition to the idea and illusion that you are becoming, or acquiring, some skill or purpose. Instead of trying to think your way through life, aim at KNOWING your way through life. I believe that saying is “go for what you know,” and that’s exactly right. The less you are able to be swayed away from your own inner knowing the more you will reflect your natural talents without effort. Talents reflect creative energy and creative energy is god.

This truth has to do with EVERYTHING. Don’t ask your friends if your outfit looks okay – you know if you like it and what you want to visually express. You don’t need approval to start that business, or leave a seemingly perfect relationship. You have to go for what you know. Ironically, once you raise up your hidden light and run your reality based on the light inside of you all your worldly problems and concerns will line up according.

In other words, the more you allow your inner self to reflect outwardly in every aspect or your being the more you will learn about yourself. And knowing thyself is the key, not only, to successfully evaluating how your mind-spirit connection works –but ultimately raising your ability to manifest desires that help you maintain social identity and wealthy status.

I am aware that this is easier said than done. After all it is “the great work.” But by no means is it impossible. Focus on reflecting spirit and everything else will fall into place. Why try and seek and learn and mimic and pretend to develop skills? Seriously, all you have to do is trust and discover the talents uniquely your own. We are all meant to be individual expressions of the great I AM.

Warm Regards

Auṃ maṇi padme hūṃ