The Game of Life: Major Key

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

(inner & outer truth/upper & lower truth)

The One gave birth to a few children (worlds and universes). One of its female children gave birth to a son, the demi-urge, who didn’t know who the One was and thought he was alive alone. Apparently disconnected for the One, he gave birth to this world where everything served him –he eats of off the energy of everything in his closed systematic world.

His mother saw this and was saddened for her son’s creation. She felt guilty for him not knowing who he was. She gave one type of his creation a piece of the one (a soul) and the stood upright and became human. Humans were then able to escape the closed system upon death. Soon, the demi-urge was desperate to keep his food source and the energy from humans enclosed.

The escaped ones, known as archons, came down to make a deal with the demi-urge. “We’ll help you keep the enclosed if you share the energy with us.” The demi-urge agreed. However, the archons had no true interest in helping the demi-urge. They tricked him because they wanted to help the few humans who died and hadn’t escaped get out.

So, the escaped ones created a system of time and eon and era (the solar system/ astrological wheel) –a prison. Then they entered into the current humans -understanding that they would forget how to escape soon because of the system they themselves set up --and left a road map for them to know how to escape. These archon-humans, left pyramids and tablets while the other humans who did not initially escape continued to devolve and lose sight of who they were began to worship the archons and operate on a level of confusion until they eventually created an entire other type of human via the alchemic system given to them by the archon-humans. These new humans were identified simply as, man. Man was different because it had no direct access to escape.

Now the archons needed to fix this even larger mess because Man, having no direct assess was infinitely more susceptible to the influence of the demi-urge. Eventually, out of jealousy and anger for humans, Man was began to steal all the information and roadmaps to escape from the humans. The archons saw this and decided to devise yet another deal and a new plan to help both Man and human escape.

So, they went into some humans once again. But this time the archon-humans offered to teach Man to in exchange for worshiping the them whereby they (Man) would be able to be like the humans whom they despised for making them –and be rulers, kings and queens. Man of course agreed. So, man began to rule and enslave humans by way of worshiping archons via the power of the demi-urge. Both man and demi-urge were extremely happy believing that humans were certainly stuck in the closed system were they could be fed.

At that time Man nor demi-urge had an idea that the more pain and suffering humans experienced, the more humans would seek to escape –thus realizing who they really where and getting in touch with the archons and eventually their connection the One. However, over time some Man did find this out. Realizing they’d been tricked, some of the Man decided to monitor the memory of the humans they enslaved and put mechanisms in place to shut it off. They clearly didn’t want to be left in the closed system dog-eat dog world alone. While others of the Man sought to work with the humans and built mechanisms to help them remember in exchange for a promise to mate with them so they could escape as well. They clearly didn’t mind humbling themselves off the throne for a chance to escape.

The above story is the nature of the game. Figure out which character is you and play on playa.

There is only one science, there is only one law, there is only one One

So, observe the science, operate in truth, connect to the highest point

Meaning, learn metaphysics, do the magic, ignore the collective (focus on self)


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