Halloween 2018 Astrology Forecast

The thrill is gone! This Halloween you may notice that costumes and candy aren't everything they used to be. You may enjoy creating a nostalgic moment for those still excited to feel the spooky vibes.

Transit SATURN conjoined natal Saturn ♄ ☌ ♄

Oct 30 through Oct 31, 2018

This period brings a well-defined influence that is nearly unanimous in its effect on those who experience it. It is a period in which your life has come to a decisive point. You question your goals and the progress you have or have not made. It would not be unusual for you to start thinking in terms of a certain finality, a sense of lost youth or failure to accomplish or experience certain things. Confronting past failures and disappointments is necessary and so is extracting whatever positive lessons and experience can be gleaned from them. Barring any dalliance with depression or discouragement on your part --an unnecessary indulgence which should be avoided at all cost-- you will begin to see a more structured and purposeful future ahead. This is likely to lead to a serious attempt to make changes in or terminate current relationships and situations that will not permit the future growth you envision for yourself. On the other hand, all current circumstances being satisfactory, this is a period to reaffirm your commitment to your present course and long-range goals.

Transit SATURN sextile natal Sun ♄ ⚹ ☉

Oct 30 through Oct 31, 2018

During this period you are apt to be given opportunity to demonstrate your integrity, generosity, and perhaps even your leadership ability. In turn, this is likely to lead to personal success and recognition. Whatever other factors attach themselves to the opportunities offered by people or circumstances you encounter, they will be a source of personal pride and ego fulfillment for you. There is a special category of people whose advice or assistance may be instrumental in bringing about a chance for you to get ahead. It includes supervisors, authority figures, those who represent the government or similar institutions, and those who are older, more mature, and more experienced than yourself.

Transit JUPITER conjoined natal Jupiter ♃ ☌ ♃

Oct 30 through Oct 31, 2018

Some type of personal growth and expansion is likely to occur during this period, but there is no certain way to predict what form it will take. If your particular circumstances allow for such a likelihood, it may mean bearing children, an endeavor which can be seen as a form of personal expansion. It may also mean successful efforts in other areas such as higher education and advanced training, or the growth of a commercial enterprise. Still other potentials for this period suggest you may climb another rung of the social ladder or gain a position of higher professional status. Unless negative factors destroy the otherwise fortunate potential of this period, you are meant to pursue some form of personal advancement with the confidence that you will succeed.