Global & Personal Cycles: How Transits Keep Us On Track

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

We know the cycles of life well. We even have names for them. ‘The terrible two’s’ and the ‘Mid-life Crisis’ are among the most common. Other cycles represent unique opportunities for our individual personal growth. Discover the basics of how astrology plays a role.

Distinct life cycles mark our time of personal transformation. These general transformations are experienced by everyone at around the same age. Such transformative times are directly linked to planets aspecting themselves in our natal chart. Everyone experiences the effects of the planetary energies around the same age because each planet travels at a predictable speed. Jupiter; the planet of luck and expansion, for example, has a cycle of 12 years and every 12 years when Jupiter comes around to conjunct your natal chart you start a new growth cycle and learn new ways to expand you mind and yourself.

Other important transits include Mars, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn. Let us take a quick look at Mars and Saturn:

  • Mars, the planet of war and passion conjuncts itself every two years. We experience this fairly often. However, the first time your natal chart conjuncts Mars is during the infamous “Terrible Two’s”. This is a tie when “No!” becomes our favorite word and marks our first taste of self-assertion, personal passion, and direct confrontation.

  • Saturn, the planet of karma, hard work, and responsibilities conjuncts itself approximately every 29 years. If we’re lucky we will experience it’s effects three times in our life. The first time around we tend to have a major face-to-face honest conversations with ourselves and feel the need to make changes that will get us on the “right path” in life (Age 29-ish). If we take on the responsibility needed for our “right path” and fulfill the task courageously with morals in-tact Saturn will reward us its second time around (Age 50-ish). Here is where we can expect to be recognized for major accomplishments or negative karma will catch up with us and our soul will be set free from the body.

Personal transits take it a step further. Unlike the global cycles that occur at specific ages when a planet aspects its self, personal transits occur at any age. For example transiting Saturn will conjunct each person’s Sun at a different age. The timing will depend on what sign your Sun is in and where Saturn sits in your natal chart. Here’s the distinctions:

  • If your sun is in Cancer and Saturn was in Gemini when you were born, Saturn would conjunct your personal Sun at around age 4. However, If Saturn was in Leo at birth and your Sun is in Cancer, Saturn would conjunct your Sun at around age 20.

Your sun sign progresses as well. The progressed Sun moves about one degree per year. Thus your Sun sign changes to the next sign sometime around age 30 because there are thirty degrees to each sign. After that, every 30 years it moves to the next sign. To estimate your progressed Sun, determine how many days you were born after the first day of your Sun sign period. Subtract that number from 30. This is the approximate age when your Sun progressed into the next sign.

One caveate, this is only an estimate since the day the Sun changes signs can vary within a day or two from year to year. For example, the Sun usually enters Aries around March 21, but one year it might be March 22 and another it might be March 20 due to the insertion of “Leap Year” into our calendars once every four years. Consequently, this estimation could be off by a year or two. If you were born around the day the Sun changed signs, you may not even know your birth Sun sign for certain without obtaining a more precise calculation. To determine your exact birth time you'll need to consult an astrological computer program or an astrologer.