Glass: A spiritual Symbol

Note: our subconscious, is our higher, hidden, and best knowing self guiding us through life. It speaks to us in pictures and codes so it’s important to take note off the codes and images you receive in dreams or in walking life because this is a guide that offers a sense of reassurance and confidence in decision making.

The symbolism of glass has a long history. Glass has been in use since ancient times. It was one of the many natural materials people used to create useful and beautiful tools and astonishing decorative objects. Including but not limited to making various types of bowls, vessels, jewelry, weapon and so on. Much later in history, people learned how to use glass to make windows. In addition, glass has many useful and powerful spiritual properties.

Different from semi-precious and precious stones, glass is not believed by crystal therapy experts to possess particularly important healing properties. This is an error, glass characteristics are equally interesting, inspiring and magical. Glass is eternal; you can break it into the tiniest particles, melt it down, turn it into magnificent forms, but it would always stay what it is, glass.

Glass consist of all four essential elements. It symbolizes transformation, change, eternity and rebirth. Thus, symbolically it carries dual associates. Firstly, it conjures ideas opposed to longevity and eternity. Making it a symbol of fragility, vulnerability and brittleness. Secondly, it represents things that offer protection and strength.

Not only does glass demonstrate invisible protection, but also the unsteadiness and brittle truth of reality. Speaking of reality, Glass also speaks to a level of clairvoyance and ability to see through things --things you are aware and those of which you are not.

Broken glass usually stands for things that are damaged and that are gone for good. Metaphorically, it represents not only actual objects that are broken, but also relationships that are broken or corrupted, things that are bad and that cannot be undone, yet in general, glass is something that can always be revived or shaped into a new form. Thus, broken glass is seen as a symbol of transformation and inevitability of change. Ultimately symbolizing the importance of accepting changes, and delivering a message that – “life goes on”, “ don’t cry over spilt milk”, and “pull yourself together.”

So, depending on the exact cultural systems one is referencing any specific aforementioned motif may arise. These folk beliefs and superstitions are often related to various glass objects.

+ A broken bowl or a cup made of glass is considered a lucky sign. It is associated with money and fortune.

It means you are about to receive some good news regarding your financial status or that there is a celebration coming your way. Broken cups, plates, or vessels in general usually symbolize happy events, gatherings, abundance and prosperity.

This is the reason glass is sometimes broken intentionally, as a ritual to chase away evil and bring good fortune. For example, Jewish wedding ceremony features breaking of a glass, to ward away evil spirits and make marriage long lasting and love eternal.

Additionally, If a wine glass or even a bottle has been broken while people were toasting, it is considered a fortunate sign. There is a common naval tradition to break a bottle of champagne over a bow of a ship, to ensure a safe voyage and luck to all the crew and the ship herself. It is an old and common part of ceremonial launching of a ship. It is called ship christening.

+ If you break a figurine made of glass, the meaning depends on what the figurine represented to you. If it was particularly important one to you, it means that you will lose something in near future; it could be anything, from material possessions to people in your life.

Often people who are dealing with a loss break glass objects accidentally or see broken glass objects.

In that case, it is a sign of guidance and comfort, although not particularly enjoyable. This phenomenon means you should accept the fact you have lost something or someone and move on. No loss is easy to accept, so it is normal you feel sad and lacking motivation. However, broken glass objects says 0what has been done, it is done’; you cannot do much about it.

+ Other superstitions exist regarding objects made of glass or featuring parts made of glass are particularly symbolically interesting if broken.

Worldwide there are superstitions about broken mirrors that are, indeed, made of glass. These folk beliefs are many. Generally, to break a mirror is bad luck. The most common of these superstitions state that you will have seven years of misfortune, of you break a mirror.

In some systems a broken watch or a clock made of glass is a bad omen. It symbolizes stagnation and delay. It means you will be stick in an unpleasant situation. A broken glass watch or clock or sandglass means you will not progress, at least for some time. It could also be a warning sign. You should be patient and wait. Don’t be hasty.

On the other side, such objects, if broken symbolize what is called ‘dead time.’ Implying that you can rectify the omen by getting rid of them, in order to move forward and progress.

Breaking glass accidentally is usually taken as warning signs. For example, if you break a glass accidently, it means you should be cautious about people and handle finances with caution.

From this perspective, seeing broken glass symbolizes disappointments, disconnection, isolation, broken friendships or so.

+ A broken window symbolizes your fragility and weakness. It means there is nothing to protect you and your own invisible protective shield is damaged, in a way. It usually means that you too preoccupied with taking care of things around that you’re neglecting your own well-being. Hence, you should take time for yourself and start repairing your aura.

Decoding Broken Glass In Dreams Or Personal Experience:

While glass symbolism is generally of a dual nature, if we focus on broken glass only, meanings are associated with one side of general glass symbolism.

Broken glass generally symbolizes something that is brittle, weak, vulnerable, fragile and easily damaged. Glass could be incredible strong material, but also unbelievably fragile, depending on the thickness, in the first place.

For example, beautiful, sparkling and breathtaking pieces of glass art, seen in glass-made decorative balls and little figures for a Christmas tree, are incredibly tender and easily breakable.

Particularly interesting field in analysis of broken glass symbolism are dreams about broken glass. There are many scenarios that would rarely happen in reality, but are related to broken glass and have powerful meanings.

For example, walking on broken glass or eating broken glass.If you dream about eating broken glass, it could be very discomforting and scary. This could be quite a terrifying dream experience, but what does it mean? Its meaning is not good at all, however it could be a good lesson.

This dream means you are unable to tell something to someone, for any reason. It could also mean you have decided to keep silent, but it eats you from the inside. This scary dream also reflects unwillingness and fear to speak up your mind; you are afraid of being judged, rejected, and criticized or whatsoever. It could also happen that you have such a dream after saying or doing something you are not proud of, but are unwilling to face consequences.

If you dream about stepping onto broken glass or if it happens in reality, it means you are in danger. It means there are people around you who do not wish you well at all.

It also means your path will be full of danger and obstacles you have to go through on your own, without anyone’s help and support.

This phenomenon, both in dreams and in waking life, symbolizes difficulties and shiftiness of reality.


Auṃ maṇi padme hūṃ

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