Fundamentals of Sacred Geometry

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

According to famed astrologer Ernest Wilhelm (from which this entire article is derived via his book Graha Sutras), In order to understand the meaning of the numbers each number can be described with the aid of geometric forms. Understanding the numbers in this manner will assist in understanding self. If you find this interesting you may want to check out this read as well.

One is geometrically symbolized simply by a single point. It is the essential component part of all other forms and numbers and therefore of great importance. As the essential component part it represents the root element fro which all has its source. One represents the beginning and initiation of all forms. As the integral part of all other forms, the One also represents completion and fulfillment.

Beginnings, and initiations, are primary key words for One, while completion and fulfillment may be taken as secondary due to the One being integral to all other numbers (Soul).

Two is geometrically symbolized by a straight line, which is the form derived from two points. Between the two ends of the line there is always a center point, a point of balance.

One end to the line is on the left, the other on the right; or one is above and the other is below. Two therefore represents duality yin and yang, male and female, positive and negative, ect. The energy of the two is one of contrasting, but interactive forces, as the two points, though opposite, are joined. Any influence to one affects the other.

If we extend one end of the line, then the middle point shifts as well, the line has changed but the balance is maintained. This is also shown by the yin yang symbol of duality, where the forces are in constant flux and change, but always balanced.

Balance is a primary keyword for the Two. Contrasting through interaction, one affecting the other, and change that is based upon maintaining balance are also key to the Two (Mind).