Free Will: The nature of outer space and how that pertains to the geometry of Earth

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Odd subject, I know, but this flat earth vs. globe debate is gaining popularity. Makes sense to me because people more and more people are fed up with lies. My first reaction to this debate, “let’s not jump out of the frying pan and into the fire” -the truth is always mixed with lies to create confusion. That being said, this whole evolving thing is a process and the momentum of this debate is just a snapshot of where we are in the process. I’ll attempt to translate my thoughts on this topic to you in a coherent way below.

Trying to bridge the gap between the way I see things and the way others see them. Imagine a coffee cup that falls from the wall and shatters in a million pieces, we are left with a million tiny shards of ceramic, not a million coffee cups. As an astrologer with a degree in anthropology, devotee of hidden science, and someone with self-awareness I challenge you to consider that this is the nature of space. When we look into outer space we are not looking at separate planets, we are looking at shards of what used to be one solid consciousness.


For me, space is the physical representation of our shattered consciousness. The pain of having a broken heart is so great that the mind created an illusion of space, time, and distance to disassociate. In this way space is best described as an illusion.

Science proceeds from the supposition that things exist in and of themselves, believing that we can perceive what each individual thing is and master that particular objects in and of itself. However, Helsingborg understood that the viewer impacts what is viewed and changes it. This means that the act of viewing creates a quantum collapse -it is this collapse that makes what we see “the object”. So, it stands to reason that the quality of the viewer impacts what is viewed.

Bottomline, we are powerful beyond belief. It’s important for you and I to tap into that power, and hopefully my explanation here is coherent enough to aid you in the process.

This means that we can master “space” by changing the quality of our self. What science believes is smart or mastery is really just digging deeper into an illusion (aka quantum collapse) because knowledge is a result of growing in morality.

The skin causes blinding illusion that there is an inner and outer world separate from us. If we zoomed in a million times on our skin and took a look around it would be so apparent that there is no inner and outer, there is only -what is. What appears to be contained in our skin (the inner space), that which is observed our immediate surroundings, and oouter space is only a magnification of the same thing. What I’m attempting to explain is beyond as above so below or as with in so without concepts. What I'm saying is more like I am above and I am below or I am both inside and outside simultaneously. 

The grahas and their movements represent the collectives mental and emotional states. Earth is the physical expression of trustworthiness and reliability, we live on it and experience it’s lessons every-day. Trust and rely on thyself. We already innately understand this, as evidence by applying common terms like; “being bright”, “expanding our thinking”, “broadening horizons”, or “nebulous” to mental, emotional and physical states. We have collectively separated ourselves from so much of ourselves. We are quite literally, broken. In this sense there is no “other” there is only ourselves, and the more we heal as individuals the more we intergrade the concepts of space and time. This is not wholly a bad thing, it is simply the nature of being. It's no secrete that the types of experiences you have in dreams correlate to the emotions you experience in waking life. Consider that you fall asleep in class for a few minutes. While asleep you climbed a mountain, broke up with a lover, and had a baby, all within a few minutes (time? what time?). Now, consider that emotion is that which you are setting in motion on Earth and within your Earth -your actual body, it doesn’t stop at your skin. In other words, we are the creation and the creator. We have forgotten how to use our limbs i.e. the grahas (planets), the winds, ect.

Most people think they are under the influence of the grahas. Conversely, it is us who directs their movements. When we breath, think, act, and emote we set the stars in motion. The wheels of the mind are the same thing as the orbits of celestial bodies. The more we control our emotional and mental “worlds” or “bodies” the more control we have over space and time. Yes, I am an astrologer. I approach the planetary alignments taking place as a tool, a ruler, a thermometer, that helps me measure the state or the quality of sight the individuals I consult with are in, to assist them in self-realization. I deeply believe that we will remain confused if we continue to think that we are under the control, of our creation. Such a belief is the true definition of idol worship. What is the difference between fashioning a statue with your hands to bow down to and creating an illusion with your mind to look up to?


I said all that to say this, Earth is neither round or flat. I believe that the prevalence of this debate suggests that a huge number of people are starting to change the quality of their mind. That being said, I believe that this argument in and of itself forces the mind back into science and illusion of separating the self. his pulls us away from the truth that we are gestalt. Ancient text do not say the earth is flat or round because the ancients saw the world vastly differently. I hate to laugh at much of what I see online because I know the intention is good, but so much of what I see devolves into it something that sounds like a Marvel comic sketch to me!

The historical names of the planets, in ancient Hindu texts, are contained one within the other (think hand and finger) this is the origin or terms like rashi (translated as zodiac sign, but the real definition is more like divisional parts of the same space). The planets maintain their integrity while being mutually contained one within the other just like the cells and organs in the body. This is the essence of cosmic consciousness, which I believe the ancients had – and from our position, after having been told everything BUT the truth about existence, it is difficult to properly judge ancient conceptions. It is important to do the moral work, before making concrete statements about what is and what isn’t based on what we see. Moral work is the only thing that will change the quality of what we see and experience. 

When we look out we are looking into a mirror and outer space is like a mirror magnifying us a million times over.

Fate vs. Free Will

I can emphatically say, that it is far more Important to listen to your heart more than astrology or tarot or any other divination, these divinations are guides and not designed to interrupt or corrupt your gift of free will. Life on earth, the stars, and the energy of the tarot is an ongoing conversation, shaped mostly by our intentions (our own interactions with ourself). Sure, there are fixed aspects, but even those can change miraculously in the face of strong will, personal intention, and determination. Do the hard work of tuning your ears to your heart. Go within. Start by talking to the higher-self and praying constantly as if your conversing with friends. You are supposed to reach a level where you are the influencer, not the influenced. Stop believing everything, stop falling into every debate that doesn't serve you. Anything that takes you away from learning and seeking self mastery, as is the case with this flat Earth debate, is leading you astray. Ultimately, fate is the accumulation of your choices, your thoughts, and your willingness to act..


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