February 2019 Horoscope

Checking your moon sign and acendant sign will add clarity and accuracy to these predictions. Please take into account that these predictions are informed by western astrology methodology. They cannot and do not accurately assess the whole of the effects of transits onto your personality and mundane affairs. For full and accurate assessments of your mission in life, opportunities, and personal qualities you should request a reading from a professional. My astrology readings rely heavily on Jyotish, and Jamini Vedic methods -join the rewards club for discounts. In the meantime, enjoy the adventure of life, and as always, best of luck to you and all that you do! For previous horoscopes scroll through the blog posts.



March 21 - April 19

February 2019 Horoscope

You’re saying goodbye instant gratification. Stand your ground but don’t be set in your ways. It’s time to change direction. You have the confidence to peruse whatever your heart desires. Your dream team or that perfect technology is arriving. Just don’t overpromise, you can’t afford to lose this. Expect a significant uptick in income. Chinese New Year kicks off this month. It’s the Year of the Earth Pig, which promises to bring a cycle of healthy, sensual indulgence.


April 20 - May 20

February 2019 Horoscope

Feeling hot and adventurous? Take a new approach to intimate relations. It’s a great time for a couples getaway. Fearlessly promote your work. But remember loose lips sink ships. Avoid being over-confident in a plan or person. They’ll respect you more. Get clear vison now and rich opportunities will present themselves within six months. Chinese New Year kicks off this month. It’s the Year of the Earth Pig, an invitation to add a lively touch to your efforts.