Father's Day 2018 Astrology Forecast

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Emotions run high! This is all just a passing energy, there are no lasting effects --try to approach this fathers day with an open mind and pack your patience.

Transit SATURN opposed natal Mercury ♄ ☍ ☿

Jun 16 through Jun 17, 2018

The potential of your current circumstances suggests you will encounter serious frustrations involved with education, communication, and travel or transportation. Your circulation, that is, your ability to move freely within your immediate environment, is likely to be hampered for one reason or another. Contacts and activities with siblings and neighbors may be restricted. Mechanical, design, and computer projects or the development of your skills in these areas may falter. Any type of mechanical or other equipment that you use on a daily basis is apt to need repair or replacement, especially if it is old or not been properly maintained. The pace of business transactions, especially sales, is slow. Under this influence, your ideas, thoughts, and manner of self-expression will tend to be on the sober side. Even if you do manage to inject humor or lightheartedness into the proceedings, it will be difficult to maintain. If you lacked organization, careful planning, and attention to detail in the past, it is likely to catch up with you now. What to do about this negative influence? Avoid anger and resentment since they are useless and will only make things worse. Approach everything with patience, and do not force issues or openly confront difficult situations that may be more easily resolved at another time.

Transit URANUS square natal Venus ♅ □ ♀

Jun 16 through Jun 17, 2018

This period is likely to bring circumstances that unexpectedly disrupt or alter female friendships, romantic situations, social contacts, marriage or partnership. Joint ventures and other cooperative efforts may suddenly fall apart or be changed in some way. Though the potential of this period is disruption in the status of relationships and situations in the areas just mentioned, it does not necessarily signal an end to them. If relationships and common goals involved are solid enough to withstand the circumstances and challenges that threaten to disturb them, they may become even more enduring as a result of the struggle. Social events, diplomatic maneuvers, or artistic pursuits that you undertake at this time are sure to be plagued by unexpected developments, last minute changes, or any number of other chaotic circumstances that in turn, are likely to be caused by the actions or decisions of others over which you have no control. This is not a favorable time for beauty treatments or cosmetic surgery, since the results of such endeavors may not be what you anticipated. Under this influence you may encounter unusual social circumstances, be offered an unorthodox alliance, and surprised by the unpleasant or unhappy reactions of others.

Transit URANUS conjoined natal Uranus ♅ ☌ ♅

Jun 16 through Jun 17, 2018

Since you are past the age of eighty when this influence occurs, it signifies a period when you can and should have the freedom to pursue anything you wish. By this time you have learned much about life’s traditional patterns and coped with its many responsibilities. Now you can leave these things to others to carry on and free yourself to take the road less traveled, explore the unorthodox, and enjoy higher planes of thought and existence.