DESTINY vs. FREE WILL: A Deeper Understanding of Divinity

I came to these conclusions through increased understanding of astrology. For most spirituality or religion serve as part of the illusion giving the false understanding that our control is tied to something greater than us. However, after working with many clients in my astrology practice, with varying backgrounds and seeing the accuracy of astrology prove itself time and time again regardless of the faith or will of the person before me I began to ask some crucial questions about free will and purpose. The harsh truth:

The only free will is to pay back karma; when and how is not your decision -it's fulfilled through the mechanism of desire, your desire. Car is body, driver is mind and soul is passenger. Please read to the end as I am not describing a meaningless life and I'm fully aware that this information is not for everyone. Passenger or soul, is observing everything and driver (mind) tells the car (body) to do what the antenna of mind is receiving robotically, via wifi from the matrix. The notion of free will is part of the game an a trick of desire. The only true will is to perform karma. Moving beyond free will is graduating, escaping this earthly plane, and breaking the illusion of the matrix. The matrix or maya is constructed via planets moving across the southern side of horizon, these are the planets astrology analyzes to determine one's outcomes and possibilities in life. Whats on the northern side? Vedic astrology teaches that the Northern planets are the gods those not bound by the matrix and the souther side controlling earthy events belong to the asuras (fallen ones) -yes we are the asuras, the "demons". Reborn numerous times as a gift from the creator to balance the soul via performing karma and eventually escape this planetary matrix. Death and rebirth offers a chance to shed this biomechanical suit. But only after we finally see that we are not in control here, can we escape the cycles of the planetary clock, and thus gain the true awareness of reality and negate yet another cycle of rebirth to get closer to the creator, closer to our true self -that which we have fallen from.

Here's another analogy, you are a space ship, the food you eat is the rocket fuel, and the soul is the astronaut peering out the window. The lives you live through karma represent the countdown into other realms, 5-4-3-2-1-blast-off. You blast off when you finally submit the souls desire to complete all karma (sometimes that means you have to live an incredibly hard life without binding yourself to pain) and move on. When you move on you pass this life never to return, you'll enter a new space ship, you dawn a new biomechanical suit, in a new realm that's a bit closer to the creator (your true self).

So, I know this sounds harsh but the fact is we have 'NO' free will in the body or mind and "Infinite" free will via the soul. Thus, freedom or moksha depends on our state of balance between mind, body and soul.

Until you make the unconscious, conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate - Carl Jung

For those fully invested in the minute matrix reality the planets define their rhythm and free will is lacking. From this perspective the universe can be translated into binary code. Our feelings and emotions are programmed. For example, If Im feeling sad right now or if I'm missing someone and the passion or obsession create ego driven goals that cause me to take action. I might call them on the phone or stop by their house, or reach out is some way because the light information hitting my antenna (personal frequency based on birth ay time and location) via sky luminaries is picking up dictates that this is how I'll feel and what I'm capable of. We all are just slaves of what we call universe (which is really only the matrix mechanisms- the actual universe is so much more). Psychologists have confirmed that 99% of behavior is not under our control. The well documented, and wildly popular "universal laws" like Law of attraction only exist from this binary code like perspective where the "universe is quite finite, and forces are pushing and pulling within the matrix of the illusion created by the planets in the southern sky. I suspect many of these rules or laws are just a fairytale.

In truth, however, the universe is quantum, variable and dependent on you. With such a mindset you can remove the ball and chain of the planets that dictate your fate by committing to balance karma and understanding that we are much higher than the planets themselves, we represent the cosmic universe, and are part and parcel of the creator. This is not an easy task.

Our body is symbolic of the entire physical universe, the planets represent the chakras. The infinite universe represents the nebula like brain we have. Full of dark and grey matter. As above so below. - The Kybalion

To reach this point there are a few questions we have to ask ourselves beyond what, who, and where is God. We must begin to ask: How or why are consistently accurate predictions possible? Why is everything around me a smaller or larger version of the same thing (eg. atom vs. planet, sperm vs. spinal cord, or sun/moon vs. right/left eye)? What does your preferred religious text actually do for you and to you; how and why? I began asking many of these questions in my 20's and as I evolved over the years, through study, and honest personal confrontation I began an astrology practice that forced me to accept the answer to these questions and many more. In this way, astrology has become a relief -though, not for the faint of heart. If you understand life from the perspective that I've outlined herein then seemingly negative predictions or life c