August 2019 Horoscope

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Checking your moon sign and acendant sign will add clarity and accuracy to these predictions. Please take into account that these predictions are informed by western astrology methodology. They cannot and do not accurately assess the whole of the effects of transits onto your personality and mundane affairs. For full and accurate assessments of your mission in life, opportunities, and personal qualities you should request a reading from a professional. My astrology readings rely heavily on Jyotish, and Jamini Vedic methods -join the rewards club for discounts. In the meantime, enjoy the adventure of life, and as always, best of luck to you and all that you do! For previous horoscopes scroll through the blog posts.



March 21 - April 19

August 2019 Horoscope

Experimentation could be the key to solving a sticky work conundrum. Don’t follow the herd: Share your bold ideas, even if others don’t understand them --yet. That’s the higher meaning of being a disruptor. Gasping for air? Add a bit more spontaneity to your personal life. Just honor everyone’s boundaries when you do. Looking for romance? Check out the prospects in your industry, making sure you don’t overstep company policy.


April 20 - May 20

August 2019 Horoscope

This month you have the optimism and confidence to wear your heart on your sleeve. You may need to let yourself be a little vulnerable, but that’s how you build trust. Some extra-spicy energy arrives. Single? A casual conversation can quickly develop into seductively flirty banter, which could lead to...who knows? Be prepared for anything, because that’s exactly what you might get. Attached? Cue up a sexy surprise for tonight.


May 21 - June 20

August 2019 Horoscope

This month the focus is internal. Time to drop your emotional guard and share a secret or confess some strong feelings. If you’re looking for a romantic partner, being this open and vulnerable could attract a soulmate-type out of the blue. Additionally, you might start looking for a way to incorporate humanitarian initiatives into your work because you feel compelled to “give back.” Be sure to express gratitude if you’re on the receiving end of anyone’s magnanimous deeds.


June 21 - July 22

August 2019 Horoscope

Feeling a bit philosophical at work? Looking for a way to create a deeper emotional connection to what you do while improving others’ lives. Do you have the ear of a decision maker (or is it you? If so, look for ways to get the company involved in a community-supporting program. Socially, just do it. Go out and have a good time. Unattached? Sparks could fly with an unexpected prospect. Couples will enjoy stress-free time together.


July 23 - August 22

August 2019 Horoscope

Confidence will be rewarded. So flaunt your talents and don’ttry to blend with the pack. If you have an opportunity to step up, by all means, do so. You might become suddenly serious about a person who’s been lurking on the sidelines—or abruptly lose that lovin’ feeling for someone. Single? An office attraction might spark, catching you both off- guard. Couples can stoke excitement by having a dress-up date at a VIP event.


Aug. 23 - Sept. 22

August 2019 Horoscope

Newsflash: Getting your way isn’t the most important thing. You could prove your value as a team player. If no one else steps up, it is possible to get everyone’s needs met --though not at the same time. Gasping for air in a relationship? Don’t wait for an oxygen mask to drop from the sky; speak up and let your other half know what you’re feeling. Unattached? Your superpower is your sincerity, so don’t shy away from being authentic!


Sept. 23 - Oct. 22

August 2019 Horoscope

Your love life could shift from first gear into sixth --or whip it into reverse. Strong emotions may arise out of “nowhere,” forcing you to do some unplanned soul-searching. An important conversation may ignite with a colleague or potential business ally, who could be a friend, neighbor or sibling. Both of you can get things out in the open and discuss them transparently. Momentum could build quickly.


Oct. 23 - Nov. 22

August 2019 Horoscope

Don’t judge it; just go with it. You might feel some undeniable, though surprising, chemistry with someone you’ve just met. You don’t have to mate for life, but if the attraction is mutual, why not pursue it? Attached? Strengthen the connection with a little more alone-time. True friends won’t mind being rescheduled in the name of love. You’re so on this month that it’s almost unfair to the competition. Step up to the negotiating table and take a stand for an important project. Pursue your goals without feeling money-obsessed.


Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

August 2019 Horoscope

Sometimes the sexist thing you can do with a partner is share your professional aspirations and get their feedback. Unattached? While you’re out doing good in the world, pay attention to the other attractive singles who had the exact same idea you did. See? You already have something in common. Lady Luck has your back, go ahead: Take a gamble on a potentially profitable venture -- especially if it’s outside your comfort zone.


Dec. 22 - Jan. 19 

August 2019 Horoscope

This month just gets hotter and hotter. Expect the unexpected and maybe pull a surprise of your own. Confess an attraction, share a fantasy with your love interest. Anything out of the ordinary will get your blood pumping. Hard work is important, but it’s not the only path to prosperity. Don’t underestimate what a powerful magnet your mindset is. With an open mind and strong, clear desire, you can call in support from any number of different sources.


Jan. 20 - Feb 18

August 2019 Horoscope

Don’t try to finish other people’s sentences: Someone may have a surprise confession that you’d never guess, or, if you did, you’d ruin the fun by stealing their thunder. It’s hard to predict exactly what kind of wrench may be thrown, but since it’s in a supportive zone in the sky, chances are you’ll like the end result. This rare and magnetizing mash-up could attract a perfect partner and act like fertilizer on one of your seedling ideas.


Feb. 18 - March 20 

August 2019 Horoscope

Be clear; with yourself, your prospects, your beloved --about how much freedom you need and how available you are. It’s not like you’ll “love ‘em and leave ‘em,” you just deserve to follow your own itinerary. Flaunt those leadership talents and take the reins on an initiative that’s floundering or just needs a shot of enthusiasm. On a personal note, if you need a recommendation or a little professional coaching, be direct and ask for it nicely.

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