August 2019 Horoscope

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Checking your moon sign and acendant sign will add clarity and accuracy to these predictions. Please take into account that these predictions are informed by western astrology methodology. They cannot and do not accurately assess the whole of the effects of transits onto your personality and mundane affairs. For full and accurate assessments of your mission in life, opportunities, and personal qualities you should request a reading from a professional. My astrology readings rely heavily on Jyotish, and Jamini Vedic methods -join the rewards club for discounts. In the meantime, enjoy the adventure of life, and as always, best of luck to you and all that you do! For previous horoscopes scroll through the blog posts.



March 21 - April 19

August 2019 Horoscope

Experimentation could be the key to solving a sticky work conundrum. Don’t follow the herd: Share your bold ideas, even if others don’t understand them --yet. That’s the higher meaning of being a disruptor. Gasping for air? Add a bit more spontaneity to your personal life. Just honor everyone’s boundaries when you do. Looking for romance? Check out the prospects in your industry, making sure you don’t overstep company policy.


April 20 - May 20

August 2019 Horoscope

This month you have the optimism and confidence to wear your heart on your sleeve. You may need to let yourself be a little vulnerable, but that’s how you build trust. Some extra-spicy energy arrives. Single? A casual conversation can quickly develop into seductively flirty banter, which could lead to...who knows? Be prepared for anything, because that’s exactly what you might get. Attached? Cue up a sexy surprise for tonight.