Christmas 2018 Astrology Forecast

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

You'll definitely down for a little holiday family football in the yard this Christmas. The pleasant interacts will send your spirit soaring. Expect some frustrations will all kinds of electrical equipment and keep you criticism in check. You'll get more flies with honey!

Transit VENUS trine natal Mars ♀ △ ♂

Dec 24 through Dec 24, 2018

Diplomacy is transformed into positive physical actions under this influence. Enthusiasm is high for energetic interactions with others, as it is for most physical activities. This is not the time to be alone. Work or play requires a partner, or at the very least being around others in order to get the stimulation and feedback you need to accomplish things. You’ll be delighted to put your efforts behind a wedding, a party, or for that matter, any social event. You may experience enhanced appreciation for elegant cars, luxurious travel, or well-designed machinery of one sort or another. Compliments and appreciation for your talent as well as the cooperation you may receive from others during this period can actually make the difference between success or failure in many of your efforts. Relations with the opposite sex are exceptionally smooth, and if they are not, you can easily promote a more agreeable atmosphere. Life can be very romantic, literally as well as in every other sense of the word. Don’t pass up the chance during this fortunate period to pursue creative and artistic endeavors. You are also apt to emerge the winner in most risk-taking ventures.

SUN transit House Eight ☉ in 8th

Enters on Dec 24, 2018

Your ego becomes involved with such priorities as money and status (or lack of either) gained through inheritance, business partners or marriage. The payment of debts you owe as well as collecting debts and favors that are owed to you are other concerns. By choice or circumstances you start developing or using skills that can make you more independent in financial and other ways. A medical emergency may arise, or you may decide to investigate or undergo elective surgery during this period. You may be confronted intellectually, psychologically, or physically with sexual matters and situations. Under this influence increased determination and willpower can make you more demanding and critical. It may be more difficult for you to make compromises but the enhancement of your focus and concentration can contribute to progress in research and investigative projects, and help you acquire a deeper understanding of psychological motivations and behavior.

Transit VENUS sextile natal Moon ♀ ⚹ ☽

Dec 24 through Dec 26, 2018, exact on Dec 25

Romance and/or the pleasant atmosphere of polite manners and agreeable dispositions may be a vital part of your current circumstances, giving you a chance to improve the quality and enjoyment of life. This period may provide an excellent opportunity to express your feelings to a romantic partner, spouse, family members, female friends, and children. A cooperative attitude and conciliatory gestures on your part may also result in better relationships with disgruntled relatives. Under this influence a chance encounter may ultimately lead to enhancing the attractiveness and harmony of your domestic environment, enjoying amiable dinner parties and other social activities in your home-- and for you personally, perhaps to making an improvement in diet, health, or physical attractiveness.

Transit SUN sextile natal Venus ☉ ⚹ ♀

Dec 25 through Dec 26, 2018

Superiors are favorably disposed toward you. Take any opportunity you get to socialize or interact with authority figures and those with influence. You may get a chance to establish partnership or some type of alliance with an important individual, that is, someone who holds greater financial, social, or intellectual position than your own. If you don’t think such a situation is likely to come your way, then go out and create one. Listen to those who advise you on social matters or counsel you with regard to personal relationships. Under this influence luck is w