CERN: The Battle for Light – breaking the 6th seal

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Let’s talk about Photons or light quantum’s. They are a tiny energy packages of radiation that hold atoms and larger matter together -they are also electromagnetic forces. If you take two extremely large magnets and put them together you can’t create enough force to pull them apart because you don’t have enough energy. However, if you create an opposition to that magnetic attraction you can break the magnets apart effortlessly. Think of attraction and repulsion -forces that attract and forces that repel. This is the same as refraction and diffusion.

Truth is, electro-magnetism is the only thing responsible for the formation of things. It is pushing down you on the ground and pulling you, not gravity. The force is incredible. This is a force many times greater than gravity. Einstein’s theories work according to mass and potential energy but what good is potential energy when all of the energy here is all that has every existed. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Moreover, there are 392 elements not openly publicized. Have you heard of super-solids? They are two pieces of matter that can pass through each other and retain their original form. They don’t obstruct one another. This should put you in the mind of teleportation. It’s done by controlling electro-magnetism on a precise, tiny scale. You can find this information in the public domain.

So how can the electro-magnetic field (protons) be controlled? Well, our sight is in fact controlling protons. The human body does it naturally. There are spectrums of light that we cannot see. Thus, they don’t exist in our world or domain. External control of photons would allow you to bend light and overcome the electro-magnetic field. When you break any proton down through explosion, as is being done at CERN, the formation of the radiation that is responsible for photons can be seen. Same thing is true for lead ions -it’s all dealing with photons. The suns light is made of photon’s. Any light that is observable affects you via the electromagnetic radiation. If you did not see the suns light it wouldn’t affect the Earth. It’s radiation wouldn’t make things grow. Photon’s only affect the things within the spectrum of vision for those things.

All things exist all together. Light is what separates us from other existences. Photons pass through us and we through them without interference. Photons are everywhere all the time. In the bible and other historical books people asked the creator to open their eyes and they were able to see angels and completely other existences all over the place. Thus, the creator was able to control light. Consider that controlling photons on a major scale makes it possible to wage war – or come in peace -or interact in some way with other realms. Thus controlling photons is literally reaching the heavens or at the very least mastering our human reality. Most of the bright lights people see all the time, reporting bright lights or triangles ect. Is all an effect of directing photons. First-hand account report beams of light that slowly appear. Yet, in fact a beam of light cannot slowly appear unless something is controlling the photon and electro-magnetic forces.

Breaking the forces of electrons is not a matter of energy, rather a matter of frequency. You have to attract or repel to redirect the photons. Not all photons are the same. The properties that make them different can controlled by a different frequency of attraction and repulsion. These differences serve to keep them within their spectrum. The computer I’m typing on is manipulating protons and electrons in OUR visible light spectrum. Super solids and holograms manipulate our spectrum of light as well. And so, these technologies do not reflect complete mastery of light in all its spectrums.

A CME (coronal mass ejection -a significant release of plasma and accompanying

magnetic field from the solar corona. They often follow solar flares.) is based on polarity, magnetism, and light. The earth can choose to repel it, or absorb it. If it absorbs it we are all in trouble. The aruras at the poles are actually the Earth taking in the suns radiation and feeding it back (attraction-repulsion). Through this back

and forth a bubble or “solar wind” is formed around the Earth and all the other planets in this solar system. Thus the sun is actually making it possible for our solar system to exist. The sun is literally a shield. The Earth’s core is a shield as well -but only for Earth based on the same principle. If you blow up a balloon and leave it in your mouth; and someone collapses the balloon the air will force itself back into your mouth -unless you add pressure to keep the balloon up. So if the force outside our bubble of the solar system increases too much, what happens to all that radiation? You got it. The radiation would be forced back to the sun. The sun would do a little shimmy and our atmosphere will be affected, not to mention no longer protected.

This is likely to happen slowly and in waves (again, think of that balloon in your mouth pushing back). As the waves reverberate to hit us here on Earth there will be signs. No different from observing a deep recess on water before a tsunami hits. The behavior and properties of atmospheric elements will change. Photons will change because the sun can’t do it any longer, and increased solar winds aimed in one direction -the concentrated direction of the blowback. Of course, wherever this is will get extremely hot. The change of photons will make things on Earth look very strange, and cause animals to act out of character. As the waves increase things will get even stranger. Sure your computer and phone will work, because their based on electrons but the Earth’s core will change and eventually remove Earths shield. I would estimate sink holes, and extreme volcanic eruptions, strange lights and colors in the sky, lighting in the ocean, exagger