Balance: Show Don’t Tell

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Everyone questions what to do if and when conflicts or difficulties arise. However, there will be no map or shaman or revelation that will simply give you an answer that can help you avoid the unknown. You have to trust yourself, launch into the unknown without an answer or idea of what’s ahead. You must release fear and race towards the forks in the road with joy. The answer only comes the instant that you get there.

There is a lesson in this, because it’s important to build the intuitive muscle, some call it faith. There are three brains synapse (the brain doctors refer to), the pineal (the intuitive brain), and the heart (the magnetic brain). This triad needs to strengthen in totality and connect which requires that all portions are strong. Additionally, foresighted knowledge is flawed because in fact the future cannot be predicted emphatically due to the fact that, in actuality, everything happens all at once. Thus, true spirituality requires that you move toward whatever goal or fork in the road you face blindly -to sense what the potentialities are one moment at a time. This is the foundation of synchronicity.

“Know as you go” creates peace, creates the paradigm of being at the right place at the right time. -Cocoa

Spirit has always spoken to us in code. For example was the world created in seven days or seven dispensations? I know, tough. It’s metaphor. The reason is to tell a bigger picture and a bigger story to those of us that only thinks in a straight line. Whereby if it doesn’t fit we separate it. But this lesson reveals that it’s better to avoid separating things because separating things requires us to judge and compare one person or thing to another, as opposed to moving forward blindly without map. Facing difficulties without judgment creates balance, and strengthens all three brains. This means that, within the process of living, you have discovered the god inside.

Unfortunately, such balance has not been outwardly rewarded by society. However, the most successful people operate this way. Think about the people in your life -those operating heavily in judgement and separation look like flailing children. Remember consciousness has nothing to do with biology. However, there is a physical attribute for your decisions. Karma is one revelation of this. It’s important that we readjust our reactions and how we think. When people see that we don’t fall into frustration, fear, and drama others will ask to know what you have and how to use it, do it, be it. This mastery -the results are apparent.


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