Astrology: Career in the Natal Chart

People today talk about living their passion.  But what does that really mean?  Many of us know what activities make us happy but income concerns or relationships may interfere with us actually acting out those passions in a monetarily beneficial way.  Do we chuck our conservative, well paying, corporate career to be an artist, or a self-employed restaurant owner, or celebrity gossip columnist, peacock, etc.?  Perhaps, we really are happy with a secure corporate career or nine to five.  Can we really make a living being a physical education teacher or a foreign tour guide?  Maybe our parents persuaded us to take the safe-route or adult relationship and family responsibilities keep us from realizing our dreams. Many things in life can steer us away from our passions.  But -with careful planning and self-awareness, we can discover or rediscover what has always been there, and learn to express it in a viable, financially sustainable way.

We can use astrology to help us discern the type of career or job that is best suited for our work skills and our emotional needs within a work setting..  Our individual birth charts reveals a tremendous amount of information concerning the type of work we are happiest doing as well as the types of activities that are likely to generate income for us, and when.  To understand it all on a deep level, the birth chart can also give us clues about our spiritual purpose and what areas in life we should focus on developing.  Conjunctions in the chart, or planets that sit within 30 degrees of each other, reveal the areas of our life that will have more prominence or emphasis placed. The squares in our chart indicate where we are likely to find stress and opposing forces. They show a where we need to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, and overcome difficulties to find confidence and eventual success.

Three houses of the birth chart are directly associated with our life’s work or career. 

  1. The second house of the birth chart rules income, values, and self-worth.  The sign of this house as well as any planets found here, will give us clues as to how we are likely to make our income during our lifetime.  For example, if your second house is ruled by Gemini -you are likely to generate income as a communicator of some sort (perhaps as a writer or a news anchor). 

  2. The sign and positions of planets on the sixth houseinform you about work skills and the kind of work environment you prefer.  It also indicates how well you’ll get along with co-workers and or clients.  If Aquarius rules this house, for example, you may thrive in a chaotic work environment with a lot of changes and prefer to surround yourself with forward thinking people. 

  3. The tenth house is the house of your career and the things you want to be known and respected for.  This house and its associated planets reveal what type of career you are likely to pursue, or should, in order to fulfill your purpose and be respected in the world at large. 

A professional astrologer will look at all three of these houses, your overall personality type, the dasha time cycle you are currently running, your age, and general planetary aspects of the divisional charts to determine several best suited options for you.

Note: People are likely to change careers many times. Not because the birth chart changes, but because we grow and acquire new skills, personality traits, and responsibilities. At different stages of our lives, the planetary energies express in different ways to meet our needs.  Each planet and sign have multiple meanings and symbolism.   The optimum times for leaping into self-employment, going back to school, or re-training for the next level in your current career can be determined by planetary transits in relationship to the natal chart. If you’re interested in a reading or you have questions regarding the information in this article feel free to reach out.


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