Artificial Intelligence = Artificial World

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Here I try to explain why we see so much chaos in the world from a self-actualized perspective. It is my hope that these thoughts empower you. If you read this and it seems a bit disconnected, a good supplement is my post on free will.

Unreality doesn’t exist until we do fake things with our body. That is, until we do ceremony. It is our bodies that are the walking commandment of the creator. When we walk out falsely, through acting -which is the basis of ceremonial ritual (or daily routine) we create the forms that make our lives either miserable or extremely satisfied. In other words, It is our walking and being in the world that creates what we see and experience. Consider the image of a baby hooked up to tubes like a battery charging the world in the Matrix movie. (Ironic that acting in movie is the only thing I can draw a fitting image to convey to you.)

The world before us is created by us- as a result of handing over children to a mechanized cultural system- to teach them rituals (daily routines) that create the reality we live. Reality doesn’t have to look the way it does. The Hebrew word for the most high sounds phonetically like aliens. The schizophrenic reality we are in causes us to think all the lights far in the sky are distant. Jupiter, for instance means righteousness -so in effect we are told righteousness is far away and not directly connected to us -FALSE. Embedding this false truths in the psyche and walking around with these precepts actually gives birth to this tumultuous world. In fact Jupiter (and many other phenomena in the world around us) is a limb -righteousness is not only a part of us, but we command it.

This little ditty I'm writing is designed to address root causes, if we are to live in a world in which being meek and gentle and kind, where we can achieve our own definitions of success in our own time without fear of danger via thieves and criminals or a being put in jail or mental institutions we have to address the root. That is the lens of reality and the given 'Unreality' (what we live in) lens everyone is forces to measure life against for some strange reason.

We are artificial intelligence. For this reason it is importance for us to gain control of our faculties and the biggest impediment to doing so is related to how our attention is directed. In all actuality robots are not the issue. The most dangerous AI that is the one we are least likely to notice -our own (so-called) intelligence and how it is formed. I'm suggesting a deeply embedded “false flag” that manipulates our natural compassion. It pirates our powers and takes advantage of our lack of self-governed discipline . When we don’t discipline our thoughts and emotions; we allow them to be diffused and directed into unreality (the one, where we don't recognize our own limbs and our personal definition of joy is dangerous).

Most of what people are thinking about, speaking about, have real arguments about, and break up real relationships about concern things that may not have ever really occurred. When we hear about artificial intelligence we are hearing about precisely that. OUR intelligence being artificial, creating artificial scenarios that we emote about. Whenever there is a mass division of opinion that draws or preys on compassion -be skeptical, and commit to owning your reactions. Express your compassion thoughtfully, by doing something real in the world. Donate free time to working in a shelter or what have you, but don’t diffuse the power of your thoughts and feelings into chaos.

For example, there is a women who had a cinemographic project where she never left her bedroom for three weeks -yet posted herself around the world via green screen. She didn’t tell anyone where she really was -but posted to her social media everyday about all her erroneous adventures. Everyone from family members to complete strangers had a comment about her FALSE life and I’m sure some felt saddened by their own unexciting life seeing this (Here’s a link to that story). The question begs, if a student can do this, what can a multi-milliondollor corporate controlled media outlet do?