3 Magical Steps to Hack the Matrix

1.     Knowledge

You need to read the fundamental tests on alchemy to get a full understanding of how the universe works and what keeps the Matrix of time and space going. But for starters lets just say everything begins with the dark space that appears when you close your eyes. 

2.     Emotional Control

Once you've got yourself up to speed with the classical text. You will no doubt have an understanding for the importance of balance in all things. I can tell you from experience the most difficult and important place to start is with balancing your emotions. You have to get to a place where you are not easily triggered by people, places, and things  that go on around you. A good first step may be to identify the "hot spots" and avoid them until you feel you can control your inner world in their presence. 

3.     Intention 

Now that you understand everything starts with your dark space and everything unfolds in response to your internal world and emotional vibration it's time to start having intentional emotions and imaginations. I suggest starting with something simple to gain confidence in your powers. Decide what you want, close your eyes and picture it in full detail, don't forget to feel the excitement. Don't doubt for one second that what you've imagined isn't real. If doubt comes up. Start all over at another time.

Now just wait for it to show up.

See you're in control. 


What Matrix!