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I adhere to the tenants outlined in the astrologers oath:

The infinity of the sky has cohesion
The astral planes reveal a logic
To which nature fully resonates and aligns 
If few are initiated in this art of interpretation
Of celestial science with existential meaning
I am one

I recognize the privilege and responsibility 
To serve humanity as an astrologer
Be the channel between above and below
Remain grounded, clear of prejudice, and open hearted
Respectfully, gracefully, and truthfully
I pledge to assist those who seek higher guidance
Direct them to the space, the time, and the way
As depicted in the map of geocosmic cycles
I will enlighten them in the perspective
That despite trials and tribulations, 
Their lives are intrinsic to an intelligent cosmic order
These suggestions shall be made
To the best of my humble understanding
Whether venerated or depreciated publically in this task
I shall not falter, aware of the merit of this honorable calling

I abide by the Oath of Manifestation:

I accept and receive unexpected good, unexpected money, unexpected love, unexpected kindness, unexpected generosity, unexpected offers, unexpected prosperity coming in unexpected ways from unexpected places in my life and the life of others. I am constantly guided, and boldly empowered, to receive the lavish abundance of the Universe! I accept the principle that abundance and prosperity have already been given to me. My acceptance makes it real and opens the space for manifestation to rush in! I open wide the doors of my consciousness to receive and to give! It Is done now and forever!


Through the Oath of Manifestation all things are possible! I declare, absolutely that I live in a friendly Universe that is always providing for me. I feel it powerfully happening now! I open to receive more abundance, and to give more abundance than I have ever experienced before! I can afford anything I desire! In fact, I am so prosperous I need never worry again! I am grateful for all that I already have, and grateful for all that I am ready to give! I keep myself lifted in high consciousness, no matter what the appearances are! God is all there is! I let the God-times roll! And so it is!


I do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity. Equality and acceptance is at the heart of what I do. 

I like to be respectful of pronouns. If you'd like to make sure that I'm aware of yours and/or your partner's pronouns before a reading/session, let me know in your notes. 

All information offered by clients is kept in the strictest confidence. Your life is not kitchen table talk and your experiences are not used to provide inspiration for my creative content. The trust that you place in me is sacred and I always keep that in mind.


I do not work with anyone under the age of eighteen. However, if you are under eighteen you're still welcome to review the content on this site. 

I will answer specific questions about matters of the law, financial issues or health queries based on my intuition and biblical examples. I am not an expert in these areas. Please consult appropriately trained professionals to augment those kinds of concerns.

Please do not purchase a session on behalf of someone else who is not aware of it. If you'd like to give someone a reading as a gift, please message me and title your email, 'GIFT REQUEST'. 

I will decline and offer a full refund if I don't feel a session is appropriate.

If difficult messages come up I will deliver them with the highest level of sensitivity. I am all about healing, self-exploration, and coping strategies to improve every day life. I encourage proactive pursuit of goals and often my counsel includes focus areas, action plans, and ideas to facilitate long-term progress. 

I do not focus on the other person involved. I offer focus on how you can deal with events from your point of view. 


If you're unsure of whether or not we could work effectively together or you don't know which purchase option is appropriate I am happy to discuss your needs with you before you make a purchase.  Please message me and title your email, 'CLIENT QUERY'. I will gladly design something for your needs.



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