I am an astrologer, alchemist, and spell worker who does not participate in star worship.


For me god is orderly and all things follows a divine order that can be understood via the stars. Thus, astrology is a tool for awareness regarding -both our strengths and weaknesses, our positive and negative karma.

We can't change anything we are not aware of. BUT we can change and that is were astrology becomes useful and interesting.


I don’t just tell you what's going to happen, and then leave you to  brace yourself for the ride. Nor do I  believe in terrible times. From the soul's perspective, there's only learning and growth.

Our happiness is internally based. As you know, the tough times are the most transformative. The magic is in being the captain of your own ship. Nothing rules you but you and you have to know who yar are to take charge.


- Cocoa

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