Reflections of a Female Sniper
4 Essays for the Soul: Career Series 1

In this heartfelt riveting career edition of Reflections of a Female Sniper; former female sniper, Cocoa reflects on her experiences in war and beyond in 4 short stories. This page turner is wildly motivating and sure to leave every reader inspired.  

the STARMAP Cookbook
Introduction to Vedic Astrology/Jyotish by your Ascendant (Moon)

This book will help you unlock the mystery of your souls purpose and outlines what we are here to accomplish in this lifetime based on your ascendant sign  -the information also applies from the moon sign or sun sign for those who are unsure of their exact birth time. Th​e​ book will inspire you to grab your natal chart, your husbands natal chart, ... 

Reflections of a Female Sniper
4 Essays for the Soul: Family Series 1

This ​book recounts the controversial life of female sniper -Cocoa. In​ a collection of​ four prolific ​memoir style ​short stories, Cocoa recalls major turning points in her life that eventually lead to a profound understanding of self, love, and family.  

Memories from the Future:
An investigation into escaping time
(1st Edition)

This booklet is an experiment backed by scientific and historical mythology The concepts are hinted at because the reader is expected to explore concepts further, on their own. The author, invites every reader not only into her current understanding of time making a clear distinction between manifestation ... 

Used Books:

I am constantly shedding my library to make room for new knowledge. Here are some books that might serve you well.  

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